Evil Ways

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by plowking35, Dec 23, 1999.

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    What is the worst thing you have done while plowing. There were some really evil guys the last tiem we did this.<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment Think Snow
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    start this thread up again
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    After repeated requests to the owner of a car parked right in the middle of a Doctor's office building during several heavy storms
    (many years ago) we got tired of this moron ignoring our requests so we took care of him.

    During one storm when it was somewhat slippery we gently relocated this "abandoned" vehicle over to the corner of the parking lot (who says Ice isn't a good thing?)

    After the car was properly relocated to a corner spot out of the way we proceeded to plow the entire lot's snow accumulation around the car... man did we pile it high. we even piled snow on top of the snowfall accumulation already on the car..

    Needless to say it took the owner of this vehicle 1 day to realize where his car was and 2 days to dig out his car... We never saw that car in that lot again.

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    We had one guy lined up for similar treatment, he had gotten obnoxious when asked (by the condo Pres., not by us) to move his car so we could plow, then he got REALLY nasty to me the next time I was in there. So,, first I told the Pres that he was going to get a call from the guy in #18,, and why,, and then I made up a couple cards, even had them laminated so we could leave one under his wiper blade.

    "A couple hints to help you reduce stress in your life.

    #1 Don't throw a hissy fit when somebody asks you to move our car so they can plow snow.

    #2 Never, EVER, tell the plow guy to go f&*k himself!

    The bahstud moved out before we got the chance to bury his car!
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    i havent done anything too nasty, but i plow a couple of mobil stations, and when im plowing the main spots in front of the mart i always get some idiot who pulls in and parks right in front of me. usually i drive right up to their door so they can get out, put the high beams and strobes on, and they usually get the point. ive come close to plowing a few cars in, but i must have been in a decent mood:D
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    A fiend of mine was clearing a parking lot using a loader,this guy had parked his car right in front of where they pile snow.So he just dumped the snow all around the car
    then ran a hose out of the building to the snow pile and watered it all down.The temp was 10 above.You can guess how frozen it was next morning.
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    Last year I was on the cell talking to Dino as he was saying alot of nice (NOT) things to his new customer :eek: LOL

    You are the one who brought it up again.LOL
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    Hey Mike,

    Next year you won't have to watch Soprano reruns. They were just around here last week filming the new episodes. They will begin airing in September.

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    Thanks Chuck,

    Ya know how farrrr away September is. Man the suspense is killing me. I am wearing out my DVD's :D

    Give me a call someday we could go to the Bada Bing club. :eek:

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    Worst ??

    Well back in the mid-70's when I was young & very hot tempered a guy ran me off the road ( he was driving down the middle) so I spun around in the field & followed him home. He got out & said since I was driving a 4x4 with plow I should move out of the way for him :confused: I told him to kiss my a$$ & lawn surfed his yard. 2 days later we had a 18" snow fall so I went back & filled his drive 6' high -15' wide & 45' long, needless to say he had snow in his drive a month after everyone else :D .

    I now try to control my self but every once & while I've bury a car or drive way. ;)
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    Well I don't know if this qualifies cause it was not on purpose, but back in the late 70's my Dad had been complaining for a few weeks that the new guy who rented an apartment up the hill drove his Chrysler New Yorker to fast coming down the hill especially with all the children around. Anyway, my dad was plowing our driveway and at the end the drive dipped down to the street. He stopped at the end of the driveway just in time to see this guy coming down the hill sideways out of control in the snow. He came across the front of my dad's Fisher plow and because the tip of the plow was dipped down it shaved a two inch slice out of the New Yorker from the headlight to the tailight. It curled the metal up and looked like someone had taken a key like those found ontop of a can of ham and opened that thing right up!:eek:
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    I had a kid in school hit my blade on a CJ-5 back in 1975 that cut his car from headlight to tailight. He was spinning around in the parking lot & lost control & hit my parked CJ-5.

    His dad tried to sue me because his son said I hit him. Too bad for him I was in woodshop class when he said I hit him & a teacher & 2 other kids seen him hit my CJ. :D

    I couldn't believe the teacher saved the day for me as the other 2 kids were friends of mine & not friends of his, not good witness.

    But wow, it cut that car so good :D .
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    The good news is that the guy admitted it was his fault. In the 25 years I've been plowing my dad and I haven't had an accident with the plows on any of our trucks that was our fault. We have had to use the plow as an extra brake now and then, I'm sure you know what I mean.:D
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    No, he didn't

    We ended up with attorney fees becuase I didn't know the teacher had seen it & so they were taking depositions when 1 of the other 2 said a teacher seen it too.:rolleyes: Then the little SOB had to fess-up & his dad didn't want to pay my attorney's fee so that was another mess that took 2- more months to straighten out :mad: .

    This was the same little $hit that jumped on another guys car & didn't know it was a convertible & had to pay for a new top & frame. We should have taken & beat the litttle $hit to a pulp but he was a little 115# kid & we were both 6'3" & 200#. We did a year later stick him in a football locker upside down till 1 of the coaches came in & let him out:D :D. He quit being the ballboy the next day.
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    Oops, sorry to hear that he made your life miserable for a while. What I meant in my last post was that the guy who hit my dads plow admitted that he was at fault, so we didn't get into any legal stuff. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Glad to hear your guy

    admitted he was at fault. :) :) Nice to know there are some people who still have morals when they know their in the wrong.