everyone, i have questions????good ones!

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hey all,
I went on a estimate today to bid a 20 acre lot. ALOT!!! This guy is a million air!!! He really wanted to help me out with my buisness! im only running 2 trucks, 99 dodge 2500, and ford 95 f-250. western set ups with western salters. He offered to give my job up of dominicks as a meat cutter! full time! he offered me to buy all the equipment i wanted. 100,000 worth of snow removal accounts. for example wal-marts, jewel oscos, targets and big lots like that!:) He would pay my health benifits. so i would prob purchase landscaping equipment,dump trucks,snowplows,bob-cats, and eneything for my buisness! but i would have to pay him back. but not until i got up and started and running for like 5 years. who thinks i should do it. your post really means something!
thanks all!

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Caution.... I'd at least get a thorough Business Plan worked up and get a good business consultant. Sounds like you'd be "putting all your eggs in one basket". He'd own you for at least five years. Your profile shows you've got eight years experience and are 35 years old, so you're instincts are probably going to be your best guide.

I'd wonder why he decided to do this for me. Did he already know you?

Good luck. I'd like to fall into something like that.
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just be very careful. I've learn from my (little bit) of experience that people like that like to talk and work all sorts of deals but they usually have an alterior motive, like some other guys said, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. I don't know the whole situation though. All I'm saying is be careful and don't jump into anything before you know what your getting into. Go with your gut, it's usually right, not with what your over exited head tells you it wants.


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Before you jump in head over heals 100,000 in contracts isnt that much. Not to come off as a jerk but I've been in business a little over three years and have just crested the $100,000 mark for the up coming winter, and after maintenance insurance taxes salary and aditionl equipment what I make will pay the taxes on my construction side of the business. When i first started plowing @16 years old I thought if I could do 100,000 on my own in plowing I wont have to work but 10 days a year. It just doesnt happen that way. You buy a couple new trucks a skidsteer, a dump, a few plows and It'll take all your profit for the next 5 years to pay it back. Like I said I dont mean to be negative, if this guy will help you that's great not many people get a helping hand like that, just use it to your advantage dont wind up in a hole you cant climb out of a few years from now.

And DEFINITLY get a lawyer!


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I would take a short term loan from the guy if he is serious, but forget about all the equipment.

Make sure you have yourself one good used rig for yourself, ($15000), and maybe a spare worth 1/2 that with the same mounts.

The rest of the work you could do with subs for the first year or two to learn the ropes. Large commercial, around here, could spend $30-$50K each year for snow, so $100K is not many large lots.

Lease a loader, hire a 1/2 dozen good subs, and use your head more than your plow, and this could be a real opportunity.

Go buy $150K in equipment, and it may just be a big hassel, for a small wage, or worse yet, a losing proposition.


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After re reading, I see you already have two trucks and salters. Forget about buying anything, and sign this guy up ! It is a real break to get a good shot at that much business at once, you should go after it. Let the job pay for its own equipment and subs, with no money out of your pocket. Stash the profits and buy equipment with cash in a couple years if thats the direction you want to go, but you really dont need to go into debt to start this plan.

Good plowers can make a good living, but good managers can have so much more.


I'm only speaking from my own experience here but I had a similar situation but in smaller dollar amounts. It seemed to good to be true but I always wanted my own business so I accepted the financial help of someone I met who was also a millionaire. I too was expected to pay the money back once I was "up and running". Well, about 6 months into the venture my friend asked to see my "books". She was not at all impressed with the figures I had in them and started asking questions on when I was going to start showing her some return on her investment. This eventually led to a total falling out between us with her taking the equipment back out of fear i'd never pay her back.

All i'm trying to say is make sure you know exactly what your getting into, does this millionaire know anything at all about property mainteance?

And isn't it more fun to build your company up thru your own hard work and not being a slave to a lazy millionaire?
chicago IL
well i did not tell you all everything, he also helped another small landscaper out like 5 years ago. know the guy is making 100,000 a month. when he was making 5,000 a month. yes, this milionair
has his own buiding mainteance with over 800 imployes. cause his company cleans inside the buildings at night. this guy has over 6 huge buildings. im suspose to bid that if i wanna take all this work on. this guy is really serious. he is also planing to build his own helicopter landing on his property. so, he will get me al the equipment i need. thanks ,

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