ever see a snowsport


hello i was checking out web sights today and saw this sight for a thing called a snow sport kind of strange looking setup looks like it might work on a realllllllllllllll small driveway or walk way just thought i would ask it remiinds me of a large push shovellllllllllllllllllllllll/ anyone else ever see this contraption?????? / david


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You mean that aluminum one? Yea I've seen lots of those..... on Hondas! I've never seen a 'real' snowsport but dont think that I would want to, if you want to plow, buy the right equipment for the job, ya know? You wouldn't want to cut your grass with a pair of sissors, would you? granted someone might, and provided I was paid by the hour, I might consider it...lol

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