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    NO,I still have mine but I have the new Meyers MDII mounting system and it's so damn simple to get on and off the truck. I have a F250 ext cab with an 8' bed (yeah, not the ideal driveway truck but I'm renovating all year round and plowing 3-4 months part time) and it's hard enough to park within sight of where I'm working. Even if I just take off the blade and leave the lights & pump unit on, I have a hard time leaving my truck for any great lenth of time. I work in the city alot and get real paranoid about leaving it. Am I over reacting or is this something that is quite common. Even if I lock it on, the pump unit can be removed in minutes. Anybody else have these worries or lost a plow off the truck??

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    You can lock the frame to the truck. I tack weld the
    bolts on all my pumps. It can still get stolen but it
    is a hole lot harder.if you ever have to take it off
    you just cut the bolt a put a new one.
    that's what i do becouse some stuff grows legs around here.
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    I have not had one stolen off my truck but did have someone try to steal my Fisher Minute-Mount from my yard. They had bought a truck that was set up for a plow drove up and tried to take it. Problem was there controller was not working. Luckily police drove by as they were dragging it out. Needless to say the Plows are now kept inside in the off season and when on the trucks they are parked forward facing the building so they cannot be removed. I also weld the pins that hold the pump in place. It does mean I haveto cut them off to replace a pump but better than having it stolen.
    Just some ideas for you.
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    you can lock the mount to the truck,andthen get a piece of chain thats just long enough to go from the bottom of the mount into your lift arm, then just toggle pump up to put pressure on chain --nobody will bother it that way...
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    That is what insurance is for. I shouldn't say this but I wouldn't mind paying the ded. for a new plow right now.
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    Another benefit of living here. I don't worry about my plow getting stolen. I started laughing when I saw the thread title, imagining someone pulling the pins and wrestling a plow off the frame when it's sitting on the ground. Then I realized it was a real concern. Reminded me of the time several years ago when I heard about someone going to St Louis and getting their transmission stolen from their car.

  7. thelawnguy

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    When I leave my Minute Mount unattended for an extended period (summer) I run a chain thru the holes in the mount (inboard of the spring-loaded pins) and secure with a padlock. This makes it impossible for someone to drive up and take it away.

    To protect your electric outfront pump from theft I removed a cotter pin from the lower pin and replaced it with a long shank padlock.

    When you park your truck leave the plow raised, one its harder for someone to steal with 800 lbs suspended in the air, second if you have a problem with the truck its easier to move the truck without the plow dragging.

    A friend had the lights stolen from his plow, dont know how to remedy that situation.
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    I maybe opening my mouth and inserting my foot because I do not own a plow.

    Would it be possible to replace the quick release pins with a lock. I know they make Receiver locks. Then they would not be able to remove the whole thing.
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    beck, I just went and checked my Minute Mount. It doesn't look like it since they don't go all the way through the receivers. I suppose you could weld a chain on the frame from one side of the pin to the other, then lock it. Leaving it raised seems like it would work unless you had a leaking system or someone put something under the moldboard to brace it. Then it would actually help them steal it by relieving the weight from the pins. Best bet I would think is to leave it parked facing some structure and fully angled.

  10. Big Nate's Plowing

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    i have never thought of my plow getting stolen either, but i have heard of it happening here, a week ago someone stole a 11'x 40" plow off one of the citys tandem axle dumps , i dont have a clue how they did it sence it weighs more then a ton , i am gonna try to get a reciever lock to fit where the plow pins go, letcha know if i can get them to work
  11. Cutter1

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    I had a lock on mine, it was like a reciever lock. I guess salt got in it, couldn't get it off!! I guess thats good. I just had to cut it off.
  12. MJ

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    Stole an 11' plow??? At least it shows they had ambition.

  13. site

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    If anyone wants to steal mine I'll send along some directions. But, you have to take the trucks and the employees too.
  14. frogman

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    Mill Supply, INC
    has locking hitch pins, 5/8", chrome plated w/ a rubber boot over the key-way, on sale for $15.19
    'Just got a couple for those trips into the city.
  15. OP

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    tack weld the bolts that hold on the pump?? Never thought of that. That would slow them down for sure. This is a great place for ideas. I know that if somebody really wants it they'll get it , but I would like to make it as dificult as I can. There were 4 or 5 plows stolen (in storage lots) a few towns away 3 days before our last big storm. I haven't heard of too many getting snatched off a truck but I thought I would ask anyway. Thanks for the ideas. Will be getting the bolts welded this week-end. (just for peace of mind)

  16. Dusty

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    I like the welding idea. Never had one stolen of the truck, but had a new one stolen out of the yard. The took the moldboard one week and came back to get the rest the next week. That is when they got caught. I would suggest that you use a metal number & letter stamp and put your name & telephone number into the steel. If it is found, they police can call you.
  17. cutntrim

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    We tack welded the bolts on our new E-60 when we bought it this fall. Our Snoways come off completely when they're not in use.
  18. Psyclopse

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    Last spring, when I bought the diesel, I bought it with the Western blade already on it. I brought it home and took the blade off (since it was spring). I set the blade with the frame against the house, near a post for my dusk-to-dawn lamp. Then, I went to the hardware store (1/2 block away) to buy a chain and lock to lock it up- it was gone when I came back.
  19. John Allin

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    Last week one of our subs left his Fisher plow (with urethane edge) out back of our warehouse while he had some tranny work done on his truck.

    Came back the next day, and it was gone.

    They left two other subs Meyers (go figure) and two of our Boss plows sitting there (and a bunch of pro-techs, although the pro-techs really are heavy).

    Now, we're all looking at trucks driving down the road hoping to see that bright yellow cutting edge on the plow so we can report it to the cops (we're the only contractor using urethane edges here in our market).
  20. JCurtis

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    All these locking pins and welding suggestions are great ideas.

    Here is one or two more.

    If you have any experience welding you can weld some kind of ID number or initials in several spaces on the moldboard, and the A - frame. Just make sure you make it a heavy bead of weld, very difficult (but not impossible) to grind down quickly.

    Any criminal who wants something your plow or your truck bad enough will make the effort to steal it. Its unfortunate but its true.. there are some wicked people out there.

    I know there is no sure fire way to eliminate theft of plows or vehicles completely. we just have to do the best we can to slow down the thiefs and discourage them.

    John, hopefully in your situation being the only guy in your market to use urethane edges, that might be your saving grace. Hopefully the thief doesn't realize this and remove the edge.