Even w/ help, to much for the Ford?


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Some say yes, some say no. Factors, 1989 Ford 150 with Moog Cargo Coils and Rancharo 9000 on the front end. (possible Timberlins) Twin beam suspension (no axle). I have a 7.5 Meyer plow. Is this to much for the front end? Recreational plowing (my drive and neighbors) Thought or suggestions appreciated.

I don't see any problem with running a 7.5' plow on an F150. One of the trucks we currently run(85 F150) has an 8' western pro-plow with wings and no suspension modifications. Just align the front end and rotate tires, change shocks as needed. No problems to speak of


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You should have "no" problems with your Bronco holding the weight of a Meyer plow with just having the Moog Cargo Coils. Remember to add a few hundred pounds of weight to the back of the truck to keep it for nose diving on "hard" stops.


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I have a 88 F150 4.9 straight 6 4 speed and I have never had a problem pushing anything in my way I just go low and slow and it will not stop. Granny gear helps also.