estimating plow jobs?


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new phila,oh.
any theory to estimating plowing. i simply shoot for the moon and feel the customer out and hope for the best? then of course some ask well how much for salt or how much for the walks or how much to plow and build me a snowman,lol. it's crazy any suggestions. this is my first year plowing after mowing for 3 years i decided to break down and pay $3,800.00 bucks for a meyer e-60 however bad year in ohio and i think the landscaping will have to pay for it!:confused:

most of my plowing is under two acres so i can just measure the square footage and get my number.........i know how much and how fast i can clear and thats all worked into the per footage number. It will vary a small bit for "trouble" areas

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shawn'slawns - Welcome to PlowSite. Hope you get the information you need here. The way you're doing it is a good way to start. I often just ask people what they've paid in the past; so far I think they've been straight with me. I also judged a price comparing a driveway to mine and how much I paid. Remember to add a little for hard to reach places, backdragging etc. I wouldn't worry too much this year, people will let you know if you're too high. If too low, it won't take long to figure out and you can raise it next year. I've got a couple I figure I'm about $10 a push too low. That's ok, better than nothing and it's good experience with those type of drives.

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