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Error In Manual Could Be Costly

Discussion in 'Fisher Engineering Discussion' started by Brookside, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Brookside

    Brookside Member
    Messages: 55

    Last week my MM1 was acting up, not wanting to move. At the time I bought it, in '98, the owner's manual included the mechanic's guide. Not knowing what was causing the trouble, I decided to test each component as the guide showed. It explained how to test the in-cab controller with a chart that matched each terminal with the action of the lever. Using a test light I checked each terminal until I came to one that didn't match what the book said. According to the manual, the remedy for any bad reading was to replace the circuit board in the controller. NAPA didn't carry the part, so it looked like a mad dash to the Fisher dealer was in order. Just on a hunch I took the controller out of our other truck, which was working fine, and tested it as well. That one showed the same reading with the test light, making me think that it really wasn't my problem. I went to the Fisher website and downloaded a later version of the mechanic's guide. That one showed a different result, which corresponded with both of the controllers. If I hadn't had that other controller to test, that little blip in the manual could have cost me time and money running to buy a part that I didn't need. I wonder if anybody else has gotten caught by that one?