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Well as spring is comming near in the general publics ( only it's not uncommon to get snow in march or april) mind this is what i heard on friday. I got a call from one of the property managers he asked me when i was going to get that loader off the lot. It has been there from nov 15, because we thought we were going to get like 8&quot; of snow on the 16 so we delivered every loader to the lots. Yes it did look stupid all of december with no snow to have the equipment there, but better safe than sorry. Then he asked if next year the equipment could be stored off site. I have a truck to move all the equipment but no trailer, i would use the trailer enough off season to buy one, so i have someone haul my loaders. My question is how many of you guys store equipment on site. <p>I explained to the property manager about how i couldn't haul the equipment myself. I told him i would see what i could do about storing the equipment off site. Or maybe storing it behind the building.<p>Geoff


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I dont don't have a loader that has to be left at the site (I have a kabota)But some buddys of mine put the loaders on site in Nov and remove in april.I dont know why the lot owner would have a problem with it.As long as you park it in the far back of the lot.The guy i know keeps 2 case loaders and as tractor loader on his job. As he why he minds it and find a solution.<br>Nick<br>Ps tell him youll pick it up but dont plan on bring it back if it snows.That will surely change his mind

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Assuming he's happy with your performance, which involves having the loader on site, could you counter his objections by pointing otu that the loader is paer of what allows you to give good service? Maybe point out that not having the loader on site would make it necessary to either raise the price to cover the hassle of moving it in and out, or decreasing service at the current price because of the loss of availability on the loader

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He is a pretty good guy 99% of the time. I think he understands that without the trailer to haul the loader it needs to be there or raise his price.<p>He came out to see the lot one storm, i happened to be at the lot and on my 13th hour plowing (just touching up and checking lots). He told me that the Bangor and Portland Jetport had called and wanted to use his lot to land their planes on. :)<p>Geoff

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we use 5 loaders at various sites and all are on site from nov 1 to april 15. our customers pay us to leave the loaders on site for the season. we use the loaders as a form of insurance policy to garuntee that they will be dedicated to that particular site. we recieve a premimum for laeving the loader on site.<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200

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