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Ok, i hate to ask this, and its more a hair brained idea, i guess. Where do you get the chemicals to make salt magic salt? Also what type of equipment is required to make magic salt? I am thinking about, what it would cost to make magic salt, and if it may be profitable venture to get into. Only i guess first i got to get people to use streight salt.

Just falls in to the hair brained ideas for me.


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Geoff, all you need is Magic and regular salt. If I was going to mix it for bagging I'd run it through a grain auger and pour Magic in at the base of the auger. That's how I treat the stuff going into my bin right now, you get a beautiful mix as it goes through the auger. All I do is run it in out a watering can, about a 3/8" stream seems to be right. It's a bit trial and error, but when you get nice brown salt ouf the other end you've got it right. Otherwise, buy a known quantity of salt, spray Magic on the pile and turn it with a loader. Spray and turn a couple times until you get the required Magic mixed in and it's done.

I talked to a fertilizer plant last week about bagging Magic salt for me so I can carry extra in the back of the pickups. They want to see a sample so they can see how much mess it will make in the machinery but unless it leaves thigns dripping wet they think they can do it without contaminating their product later. That would put material in those nice heavy fertilizer bags which will hold up pretty well in the truck.

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Magic is magnisium(if i could spell i would be dangerous) and distilled solids.It actually is easy to make but if you get caught trying to duplicate it you will be in hot water and find a lawsuit at your door as it is pattened and closely watched,by government and the patten holders alike.In your case Geoff i wouldnt try to duplicate it as the patten holder is a candian company.

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