Equipment Recommendations for a long steep driveway

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by Plow novice, Dec 6, 2019.

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    ( I was writing my post as the OP posted above, one company failed there’s more than one snow removal professional out there.
    lfor the outlay of money of a truck ,sander a bobcat a snowblower attachment having salt and sand delivered to your property And maintenance for the truck and bobcat you could have your driveway plowed for the next 40 years or more, by professional. Jmo

    But I guess that isn’t an option. If you get a bobcat I don’t know why you’re getting a truck and a sander?

    You can get a plow attachment ,snowblower attachment, salt spreader all with quick disconnect to go on the bobcat.

    But that’s my opinion and it’s your money so go get a truck amd a bobcat and you should be able to hire someone to come to your home to fix them for you so you don’t have to worry about bringing them to the dealer.

    How are you presently removing the snow as we were entering winter and you don’t seem to have your equipment at home yet?
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    I am receiving a consistent no from plow companies and two maybe responses. I am also getting consistent responses from plow companies that there are too many easy driveways and parking lots in the area to take this job. The driveway could be steeper than the 8% grade I originally posted, I extracted the grade from Google Earth Pro.

    I just checked and the Bobcat dealer in my area would come to my property to fix the skid steer. Thank you for the information, I did not know this was an option for residential owners.

    I have not moved into the property yet. I was originally planning to hire a company but due to the lack of interest I am looking at doing the job myself.
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    I can Understand the Plow companies reluctance, the time to call for a service provider was back in September.
    When they could take a look at the drive and give you a bid.

    Well, I wish you luck, I was just trying to explore some different avenues.
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    I’d think a wheeled skidsteer with chains would be better than tracks based on how steep you describe the driveway. With tracks, it’d be tough when the base is icey.

    do you know how the sellers handled snow removal? Did they do it themselves?
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    Where in NH are you located?
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    930 or 544 would be plenty big. At 25 mph it’s not that far of a drive at 3 miles. You have a decent area to splash/push snow over to! Good luck with whatever you purchase sounds like an awesome secluded property!
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    What type and where did you get the chains from? I’ve seen a range of options searching online. I’m probably going to be doing the same for the mountain road that I do.