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95% DIY Can't trust anyone else to do it. They don't call when stuff is done, and are often careless with routine things. DIY and you know that it was done, and done right. The think to remember, and this is important, know your limits, and know when to ask for help. Equipment is not something to experiment on.

John DiMartino Veteran
I do all my own maintance,including my summer equipment too.I have found it nearly impossible to find a quailfied mechanic that could take care of everything,and I couldny afford him if he could.MY newer stuff is under warranty,and I have a backup of almost all my equipment in case its down for a storm or few days.Since I have a backup,nothing ever fails on me.<p>----------<br>John D<br>

i have found just the opposite when rebuilding plow pumps i would always be the one to forget one thing and it would always seem to cost me so for pump work they go every year to the shop to get looked over rebuilt if necessary as far as truck maint most i do my self and all other stuff dealing w/ plows ,spreaders i also do my self<p>doug
Yes, like jaclawn, we do 90% ourselves. The complicated diagnostics and pump work goes to the pros because it is cheaper in the long run. For the DIY parts, the savings I realize by wrenching and welding myself justify the carrying of my spare parts inventory. With the parts and the ability, a little time wrenching will either save downtime altogether or minimize unexpected downtime. It helps to be a tinker and a cobbler with a quality-control fettish. HA<br>John

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all my trucks are fairly new, so thats not an a problem. I also have a Ford Mechanic that works for me on the side, maintaining all of my fords. Seeing he gets the service training from Ford, he is up to speed. <p>My heavy equipment is serviced in house and at the dealer. The plows are serviced totaly in house except for warrenty.<p>Between a mechanic ( thats not up to speed on newer trucks equipment or electrical systems )and an electrical engineer, and a welder on my staff they can fix just about any plow.<p>Geoff


I do everything in house except for warrenty . I save a lot by doing it myself. I even built my trucks in house(dumps,plows,speaders). <p>----------<br>Rob S.<br>


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All maint. item swe do ourselves. Bigger items are done by a great backyard mech. that lives 1 min from the shop. He build and desings things 1000000x better than detroit ever thought of. The plows we take care of ourselves, but if we lose a bearing on a spreader I will source it out. My time is better spent making monet rather than tring to save 50$ on a repair.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

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Wish we were set up and experienced enough to do our own, but I've got a 4yr Degree in Physical Education and not mechanical engineering. Shoulda bailed out of high school after grade 12 (we go to 13 up here) and gone to college instead of university. Mechanical know-how would serve me much better than theoretical and practical knowlege in athletics. <p>Anyhow, we go to the dealer/shop to get our work done. Oh well, no regrets, I love sports and had a good time while away at school. Wish my student loans were paid off though.<p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>

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