engine swap


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i need some help i would like to know if a 1970s 350 engine will bolt up to my 1990 chevy trans please help

John DiMartino

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The engine will bolt right up,you will need a flywheel for the older engine,its a 2 piece rear seal,the 90 is a one piece.Also keep in mind the 70"s engine, will have a drivers side dipstick,unless its a 79 or newer.The 90 has a pass side dipstick,this may be a problem with certain exhaust manifolds.If you use the 90's accseorys,change the water pump to the 90's,the rotation is reversed,it will overheat if you dont.The accesory holes in the heads are different,the acessorys may not fit,from the 90,the exhaust ,and intake manifolds are both different,they both will fit ,with minor modifications.You will need to block off the fuel pump hole.Good luck