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Engine swap

Hey guys, Im thinking about taking out my 6.2 L Diesile and replacing it with a 454, Does anyone know how ahrd it is to switch to a gas ? I know I have to flush the take and fuel lines, and run a hot wire for my distrbutor, but with the motor mount to a 700 R4 ? I was also concediring a 350, but I do want it to scream, anyone know what a 454 runs price wise ? compared to a 350 ? Thanks Brandon


Senior Member
Fairbanks AK
I've done a swap similar to that. I took the body off of a diesel, wiring, radiator and all, and put it on a chassis with the gas engine already installed. Some stuff to think about. Throttle linkage will most likely be different for your diesel that in would be for the carburator on your big block. I'm not sure about all the accesories, but the bracketry will probably be different. The wiring is pretty easy, you can take the lead from your glow plug solenoid to the distributer for your spark, and the starter wires were the same on mine also. As far as the transmission bolt up, I'm pretty sure the paterns are the same, but if you want this thing to scream, and you're gunna drive it like a screamer, I don't know how long that 700r4 is going to last. With a big block, I'd think about getting a Turbo 400 unless you also plan to drive on the highway a lot, and in that case, a really expensive third option would be the the newer heavy duty 4 speed auto (can't recall the number off the top of my head now L4E80 or something like that) that Jet sells. If you keep the 700 r4, remember to get the TV cable mounted and calibrated right, and also the lockup for the torque converter, which is electronically controled. I've found the easiest way to get this to work is to just get the kit that controls it, with a vacuum sensor from Painless Wiring. Summit Racing sells it. Aftermarket headers to pass the gasses would probably be easiest there, and the 4 core radiator should keep that big motor cool just fine. Whatever you decide to do, take a step back, and look at all the little problems, be ready to get your wallet out several times during the project, and TAKE YOUR TIME. Good luck.


Junior Member
Its the little things that get ya. I have been swapping out engines in my truck and I don't think I've passed up a parts store without going in for some stupid thing I forgot to pick up at the last one. Make a list. Mark

Hey thank for the info, it should be intresting, Ive only swaped one motor before, Im only 18 , but I should be able to handel it just take me a while, I almost bought a motor today, 454 Built to the hill mostly elbrock parts except the cam shaft, I told ya Id be rockin, I figure If Im going to do it do it right, Thanks a bunch Brandon