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Well i bought the 16' Enclosed trailer that a local landscaper was selling. He bought it this spring, for 5500, or so he claims, and sold it to me for 4500, as well as his kubota F 2400, 4X4, for 3K ( maybe a little high, but it was never saw snow excpet for one storm, the guy found it was too big. Anyways it has heated inclosed cab, with extra lights ect.), i basicly bought the kubota for what he owed on it.

Anyways i plan on useing the kubota to clear the walkways at one of my office buildins. So i said why not store, the kubota some bags of salt, spreaders, shovels ect in this trailer. Then drop the trailer off the night or day before a storm, and have my second shovel, crew drive there truck to the trailer. This way they can bring additional salt, for the rest of the rout. Also the trailer, can stay off the roads to road conditions improve. Note this location used to be snowblowed with walk behind snowblowers.

Dose anyone else do anything like this, with a trailer?

Note i also plan on useing the trailer for my summer work.



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Great idea something I have always wanted to do. We use on site garages. We have three complexes with around 30 buildings total on the opposite end of town from our shop and a trailer that was heated had repair parts,salt shovels etc. would be handy also give shovelers a meeting place so I would not be paying for unused travel time

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