emissions for a 1980 1/2 ton 4 wheel drive


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I live in cincinnati oh, we have a wonderful echeck standard. i would like to trade my 1978 camaro for a pickup with a 355 mild build. i have no idea if it will pass the e check test. anyway around it? anyhelp would be appreciated.


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If it has all of the equipment on it just throw a tune-up on it make sure the gas cap gasket is in good order and have at it. I've had vehicles that I "just knew" wouldn't pass come through with flying colors. It's not all that bad.


Out here in California, we have smog rules too, when I had to smog my 74 I needed all the stock equipment to pass the visual inspection , I then had the truck pre-smogged and failed, so I went to the local autoparts store and bought a bottle of emissions passer, garaunteed to work.
then two days before the smog appointment I used it, and guess what , It worked.

You can try that, go the other route and find a "hot smogger"they will charge up the Yin Yang. I dont recomend it because it'll come back to haunt you later, Like when you have to sell your truck, or reregister it.