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New to the board. was wondering if you could help with a emissions question...
I have a 1979 stepside 350/350. Right now it has smog pump and headers welded to the exhaust. Whats left of it. I have to get the exhaust replaced in a couple days. The shop wants 350 to do it if I bring it down there with new headers on it. Seems fair but I was wondering if I take off the cats and smog pump could I still get past emissions? I asked a emissions tester a couple years ago and he said that 79 was either way, some had emissions some did not. Mainly the CA trucks had the emissions stuff. Mine is a CA car but the emissions sticker is so worn you cannot tell. I already switched my fuel gauge so it doe snot say unleaded fuel only, he said that is the only other way they could tell it came emissions equiped.


I know that on 4x4's less emissions control items are required,for example my 78 2x4 had to have a smog pump with air injection system along with all the other smog equipment and my 81 didnt need a smog pump, just stock exaust and intake manafolds and charcoal smog canister and its passed.

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