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Chuck Smith

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Please reply to this thread if you are willing to help out other plowers. This is if you can help get them unstuck, help cover a route if they lose a truck, or can help other Members of Plow Site in any way pertaining to plowing or de-icing. Please DO NOT reply with any for sale items, post those in the proper forum. If you are looking for sub contractors, or want work as a sub contractor, post it on this thread. This thread will be used to gauge if it would be best to create a new forum here on Plow Site.

Please do NOT post cell phone numbers on this thread.
Please be sure to edit your profile and add what State you are from.
Please PM those in your area with your cell # rather than posting it here.
Please feel free to post your office phone number, company name, etc, just no cell numbers.



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Have two trucks. We're located near Albany, NY (just east of there.)

Work in Rensselaer County mainly.


D. Gowie Enterprises, Inc.

Sima member


Long Island, NY
I haven't seen too many menbers on here from the Long Island area ... but hey, we all could use a helping hand now and then ... I am in too.

Suffolk County, Long Island, NY
(631) 224-7573

Joel B.

Senior Member
Always willing to help. Thank you, Chuck.

Joel Berg
Berg's Lawn & Snow
Plymouth, MN
Home: 763-550-9727

Chuck: I am curious as to why cell phone numbers are not allowed.

John DiMartino

PlowSite.com Veteran
Ill help as trucks free up, Ive got 3 trucks,loader,a small V box ,and a backup truck. I work in the Montgomery area mostly,near I84.

John DiMartino

DiMartino Maintenance
Walden,Ny 12586
845-778-0501 Home
845-457-9141 Shop/Work


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Central NJ 08620

As the guy who posted a thread last year called "have plow will travel", Id be glad to be on a list to put my equipment to work when the big storm misses us (as usually occurs). As you know because of our geography, and the dreaded storm tracks central NJ can have no snow and 50 miles west or northwest of us can have 2 feet of the good stuff.

I have a 2wd F-350 dump with plow and Fisher Speedcaster Spreader, and two 4wd F-250's with 8 foot plows. Would prefer to open a line of communication prior to an actual storm with interested contractors, so we have a clue of where we might be headed if needed, and to work out the details regarding payment rates, insurance certs. and the type of work (res,commercial) well be driving out too.

Hope this works out.

If you can use me, contact me at CMerLand@aol.com



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Good idea. I imagine at some point members will be grouped by area. If there is anyone in my area (Augusta to Belfast, Me.) who needs help, let me know and I'll come over as I'm able. Have a 1/2 ton and one ton, two plows and Vbox.


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Lords Valley, PA
Great idea! I would be willing to assist someone once my route is done or during it for a pull out or something; might need some assistance some day too. Anyone from the Lords Valley area in Pike County in here?

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