• Vaccine Priority For Essential Snow & Ice Workers?
    Concerned about COVID-19 and/or potential labor shortages? Click here for a letter to health departments from SIMA emphasizing your priority for the COVID vaccine as an "essential" worker.



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ELECTRONIC SNOW AND ICE ALERT MADE BY sensors instruments co. any body have one or herd of this info comes from SNOW&ICE MANAGER 1999 page 26, thanks for any help; JIM
I couldn't justify one this year, but maybe next year. I think my sleep is worth $440 plus. Maybe you guys get back to sleep easier than I do???

We haven't even had a plowable snow yet and I'll guarantee I've lost plenty of sleep. Just my two cents.


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I am pretty well networked with my snowplowing collegues (competitiors) in my area and frequently talk to many (nextel) during a storm.

My question: Why not establish a local network with a central monitoring station to call guys when it snows? Everybody could specify call scenarios (Salt only, .5" 1" 1.5", etc.) and it could be staffed by a 24hr answering service (who are typically slow on the overnight anyway)

I think many guys would be willing to pay for this type of service at a minumal cost.

There's got to be a better way than getting up and looking out every 2 hours, especially when you get nothing. You feel like you worked half the night and have nothing to show for it.