Electro Touch to UPC

Discussion in 'Universal PlowControls' started by John_DeereGreen, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. John_DeereGreen

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    I've got an E-47 that's soon to be switched to an E-60 with Electro-Touch controls. I'd like to go to UPC, but in my harness there's no plug and I don't know what wires do what.

    Can someone tell me what plug I need and what wires need to be connected to make the plow function with the UPC controller?

  2. fordsuvparts

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    You can buy the harness end that will convert you harness to the UPC control on there web site i believe that it is 29.00

    What control do you currently have, slick stick??

    I can tell you the wiring colors if you need them.
  3. OP

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    No, it's not a Slick Stick. It's the twin toggle setup, one for up down float and one for left right.

    Also, I'd like to know if I'll need the on off switch that's currently in the setup if I put UPC on it. I do know that it will have to be changed to a key hot, but can I get rid of that switch and use the UPC to activate power for the plow?