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Electrical Q's

Discussion in 'Ram Trucks' started by aces, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. aces

    aces Junior Member
    from SD
    Messages: 6

    Hey i'm a noob on this forum but not to plowing. i've got an electrical gremlin that is driving me crazy - looking for some advice here.

    i've got a '98 3/4t Dodge with a 7.5' Western Pro Plow. When I dismount the plow from the truck the truck headlights do not come back on. I've got running lights and turn signals and all that but no headlights. The Dodge dealer says it's in the plow wiring, the plow dealer says it's in the truck. Help!

    thanks in advance! This looks like a very active site and I hope to learn a bunch here.
  2. streetsurfin'

    streetsurfin' Senior Member
    Messages: 770

    Im no elcectrical pro, but I think with the plow off and you're having the problem, it may be the truck wires. Although its probably at a point where the plow lights are tapped into them since you have plow lights. Look at the wires that come off of the back of your headlights, follow them back and see where they hooked up for the plow lights. Mine is a 90 plow on an 85 truck so things may be different on yours. Gently wiggle the wires around any scotch-loks or terminals where the plow and truck wiring systems join each other, with your switch on and see if you get them to light. You probably are looking for a broken or corroded ground wire connection in the truck headlight circuit.
    You other guys with newer systems, correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. Mebes

    Mebes Senior Member
    Messages: 451

    Take it back to western.

    The plow lights are switched by a couple of relays taped into a bundle probably near the left headlight.
    When you plug in your plow harness there is a feed from the plow that completes the circuit to activates these relays to switch over your headlights.

    Iv'e seen these relays fail before on the pre isolation module style harnesses.

    If you want to make sure that the relays are your problem, then you need to look for the factory headlight connectors near the back of each headlight (one will be taped up and the other will be hooked into the western harness).
    Hook them back to the headlights to make sure that they work properly.
    If they do then you need to have your relays replaced, or there is a problem with your plows harness.
  4. aces

    aces Junior Member
    from SD
    Messages: 6

    Thanks for the quick replies, guys! I have taken the headlight plugs from the plow wiring harness off and plugged the headlights into the original truck headlight plugs. The headlights work fine. I did find the relays you talked about and will try replacing them and see what happens.

    Thanks again - you've given me a couple of things to check out. i owe you one! :drinkup:
  5. aces

    aces Junior Member
    from SD
    Messages: 6

    Just as a quick follow-up... I replaced the relays as suggested by Mebes and that has solved the problem! :) I have not been able to really put a load on the system as we have had no snow to plow yet, but all appears well at this point.

    Thanks again guys for the quick and spot-on advice!