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Electrical Issues after Western install

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by R3Dside, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. R3Dside

    R3Dside Member
    Messages: 86

    I just had a 7.6'' western unimount pro put on my F150, they patched into my fuse box to get the lights working and into sync w/ the trucks existing headlight switch and what not.
    Now that messed up many electrical parts of the truck, I think it completely fired my fuse box.. Some fuses will not stay in, one clicks loudly, heats up badly and can almost burn your finger. A few fuses are now falling right out. Power windows will not work, Cruise control, dome lights, the temperature gauge (on ceiling for outside temp) is so jacked, it told me it was 140 degrees when it was about 90, turn signals wont work. Getting the truck home was straight dangerous! Anyone know what happened? Can the plow mess up and destroy my fusebox? The plow works just fine my the way. And its electrical supply is from the battery terminal. My trucks next stop is the repair shop to get a new "junction box", probably a $200-$400 fix :( This was not expected when I bought my plow to be this far in the hole!
    Ahh life throughs us a few curves, and now I have to risk my advertising dollars to have a running truck!
  2. MarkEagleUSA

    MarkEagleUSA Senior Member
    Messages: 335

    Why not make whoever screwed it up fix it right?
  3. mishnick

    mishnick 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,353

    If you could see my face you would notice my jaw on the floor! That story is apauling. The only thing the plow requires from the fuse box is an ignition signal, it has nothing to do with the lights. How they could have screwed up a simple thing like that is beyond my imagination. I recommend that you call the people who did the installation and give them the heads up before you take it in for repair. At my shop they would make a fuss if a customer presented a bill for repair after the repair was done. They need to have the chance to witness the problem but will probably just tell you to go ahead and have it fixed. If the installer has any brains at all they will just pay for your repairs and apolagize profusely.

    I would be asking about the qualifications of the technician who did the install. Was it a lisenced mechanic or just some kid getting paid minimum wage? At my shop anyone who does a plow install must be at the very least supervised by a lisenced mechanic.

    Be sure to tell the guys at the Ford dealership what led up to this problem.
  4. Tony350

    Tony350 Senior Member
    Messages: 546

    I would go back to the installing dealership and see what they will do for you, If they refuse to do nothing I would call western on my cell phone while at there counter and expalin to western what happened.

    This isn't westerns problem but if that dealership is causing problems for westerns customers, there customers may not be going back to western. After paying top dollar for a snowplow I wouldn't be forking over more money for someone else's mistakes.

    Let us know how you turn out.
  5. R3Dside

    R3Dside Member
    Messages: 86

    markeagleusa--- Yes that makes sense, but he just pulled fuses to find which one to use, and two of them simply do not "click" back in per say. They just fall out. He cannot break the junction by that action alone. IHMO
    As for the "clicking" fuse, again a fuse he did not tap into this one either so I simply do not know how this started. Without a doubt everything was working as I brought the truck to him. Was the junction box on its way out anyway? I don't know.

    Also He is 80mi from me, and driving w/ radiator block in 90 degree heat, w/o turn signals was simple the worst.

    Mishnick---The wire to the box could have been ignition signal, i just figured the turn signals as they are hooked up to the plow also. I am simply going to have to bit the bullet on this one. Like i said he is to far way to drive it again and i SOMEWHAT understand how he did not KNOWINGLY mess this up. It was at at this guys house, but his buddy used to work for a plow dealer, installing plows. They were nice, legit people so it wasn't a horror story there. It does really suck though, $2300 for this plow, and now another 200 to 400 for unexpected electrical that wasn't even necessary!
    Im wearing to the bone trying to get my biz off the ground this year anyway.

    Well its going in for service tomorrow regardless i suppose, hopefully a junction box doesn't rape my wallet! I simply need 1/2 of my trucks electronics back!

    Thanks for the support and help!
  6. R3Dside

    R3Dside Member
    Messages: 86

    tony350-- I bought it used. If this had been a dealer i would have not drove home at all! But w/ used stuff, S**t happens i guess. On the bright side, the plows in great shape. Despite he did not give me the stand pins so its essentially not able to mount/dismount right now.... Ahh i wish i knew some more about plows but you gotta start somewhere!

    Will let you know, anyway.
  7. chevyman83

    chevyman83 Member
    Messages: 55

    Sounds like he hooked a ground wire to hot and it's feeding back to the electrical system. Unhook the plow wires on the grille and see if things function normally again (this may require replacing a blown fuse or two). As far as the fuses falling out... Did he shove a probe into the fuse spaces checking for power and spread the terminals out so the fuses don't stay in anymore? Fuse blocks don't just quit holding the fuses.
  8. R3Dside

    R3Dside Member
    Messages: 86

    I do not know, but that is definitely whats happening. Along w/ the clicking and hot (literally hot) fuses.

    I will find out tomorrow, I'm taking her in ASAP.

    Will keep you all posted.
  9. doo-man

    doo-man Senior Member
    Messages: 387

    update ?????
  10. R3Dside

    R3Dside Member
    Messages: 86

    haha sorry I haven't been on in a long time now. It needed a new junction box. Could not tell you a reason why the fuses started to fall out, but everything works now. hour or two for labor and the part was $180 or so. Could have been worse, so I take what I can get. Now if only those plow lights wouldn't dim when the plow is raised or moved... :)

    Thanks to all who helped.