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Granville, MA.
At 5 miles per hour, how far will I travel to spread 1 yard of sand/salt mix? I added sanding to my list this year and bought a Downeast 1 1/2 yd electric spreader and would like to get an idea as to how long a yard of mix will last doing driveways. Thanks for your help.



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That will all depend on your units apron chain speed and how open the material feed gate is.
During one ice storm, I had to back up a town street that was closed due to ice and accidents. This was the only I could reach my account on that street. I went at least 1 mile in reverse and only used about 1 yard. I had the gate open about 1/2 way. the electric units due to gearing have very slow apron chain speeds, which allow for much better material control.

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