Electric Plow How Many Batt's 4u?


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Just a quick pole.

For all you with an electric type plow lets share info on number of batteries used and alt. output.

I use two 850 CCA parallel conection and 117 amp alt.
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Dual 850 cca's and 100 amp GM alternator (big case) , I can also report "no problems". FWIW, I use a Monarch underhood mounted powerpack.


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Gas Trucks

Older then 97 and older

1 875 CCA Interstate Battery, and standard 95 amp Ford alternator.

Newer Than 97

Standard Ford Batter and 115 amp alternator.

Diesel Trucks

Dual Batteries and Dual 115 amp alternators.

Big Trucks a story themselves.



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When I was in the Fire Apparatus Bussisness we went by the highest Reserve Capacity of a battery not the CCA. and those vehicles have a lot more of a load than electric pump. Back in the early 90 chassis MFG switched from using 2, 8D batterys to 4 or 6 group 31 batterys to handle the load. Just my 2 cents.

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