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Jason -

Not that i know of, I think your choices are limited to an electic v-box, gas powed v-box, or snow ex just came out with an electric tailgate,(replacement style). With that said,

I had an electric vee pro 8000 made by snow ex, at the time i was not happy with it, because of alot of small reasons, like loading, speed at which it could unload (spread), auger jams, wet salt, - stuff like that

I bought a gas powered v box, - which had the power, until, new clutch, bearings, wouldnt start in the cold, fuel, and i didnt like not having the control of spread pattern or material.

im going back to the electric unit (snow ex, ) because i feel, its much more reliable, might spread alittle slower, but atleast it always works,

the nice thing about electric units, they can quickly be changed truck to truck, and jumper cables, electrical tape, and a heavy duty switch, can fix it in a pinch, blown hydro hoses that you dont have on hand suck. remember, unless you have a really nice hydro set up, if you steep on the gas, u spread more salt, because the hydro pressure goes up ( could be good or bad)

the unit that i had, had a 20:1 gear reduction , to give the auger more torque. This new tail gate version, has a 80:1 ratio, so it should have 4 times more torque.?

I really don't know what size dump truck ur looking at, or what size truck this unit was designed for??, remember new stuff always has problems, but snow ex has been designing BULK spreaders for at least 6 yrs now, so ????maybe they figured it out?, maybe they didnt

if you go with the v box style, make sure u get a true "v" box - like the VP 8500, the 8000 model i had was not,

i found prices range widely, dealer to dealer, by as difference as $2,500.00 - so shop around....

might try asking other guys about other electric type brands, i dont really have the knowledge on the other stuff
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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