Electric brake in 07 NBS

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by panhead9, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I need to install an electric brake in my 07 NBS 2500 came with plow and tow package What I need to know is where are the wires to hook into I found 4 wires taped off under dash and believe these are them I have not gotten around to calling dealer all my other trucks had a plug but it is my understanding after talking to a friend that GM did away with the plugs True or not? any help appreciated.I think the wires I found were red white blue and pink Blue being th heavy one
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    n/b gm

    true they did away with the plug in feature ,check the owner's manual for wire color/operation ,if it's not labeled .
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    The wires you should have found bundled together under the dash are a: Red, Blue, White, Orange.

    Red from harness to Black wire on controller
    Blue from harness to Blue on controller
    White from harness to white on controller
    Small orange should be connected to red to controller


    Under the hood, pull fuse cover off the fuse box and between it and drivers fender is another red wire w/ ring connector bundled up in the harness.
    Untape the bundle and connect the ring terminal to Pos battery connection.

    Note: There is another red wire between fuse block and the engine,
    don't confuse this wire with the one for the controller power wire. This isn't used for brake controllers.
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    Thank you I am sure the wires I found under the dash are the ones I want I will check fuse box under hood today thanks again