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edge for a tractor blade


Senior Member
i have an 18.5 hp tractor with a 4ft blade on it. The edge is worn and im want to look at my options for replaceing it. I have talked to Dino about a U blade, still working on how it will fit. Anyone with a similar tractor have any advice? I talked to the dealer but they said they dont carry such an idem. I plow sidewalks (helps alot on the big commercials) and driveways with this tractor. Thanks for any advice.


sam c

southeastern NH.
If weight is not a big factor you can buy an 8' snow plow edge and cut it in half and bolt it on,then you`ll have a replacement ready with the extra piece. Also those blades are so light the added weight should help it scrape better. I have a 5' on an old farmall and it works great! good luck


Senior Member
I ordered a U edge for my 54" tractor blade from CPW?(Central Parts Warehouse?) They made it 1 inch thick and the dimentions I asked for. 3" wide 54' long. It cost about $55.00 with shipping to my house. Otherwise you can go to any blacksmith and they will cut you what you need. I did this for a long time. I would drill the holes myself. It was very cheap, about $3.00 a blade.


A premium cutting edge is made of hardend steel and cannot be drilled, but can be "holed" with a torch. I believe that the cutting edge on that blade is mild steel and can be made from any stock that you find. I would prefer it since you do sidewalks and I don't think that the wear is much of a factor. Probably once a year replacement. If you find a better replacement, please post it here. I can use one for my 48" snow blower. thanks