East coast vs West coast plowing


Plowing here in Oregon is a different ballgame. No salt or de-icers....not too much pavement to plow here in the woods. Almost everyone is chained up;especially when the cindered (crushed red rock) road is covered with slush. People here will really gripe if you happen to scrape some gravel off their road...(gravel is &quot;spendy&quot; out here.)Most use narrow tires as we want the most weight on the smallest area....the paved roads usually have some ice somewhere and the wide tires tend to slide and spin. We also have ditches instead of sidewalks, and narrower roads. Most have no street signs or lights, which is a blessing for us most of the time. Some drivers who don't live in the area will turn onto the one lane road, see a truck pushing a huge amount of snow, and expect you to give them the right of way. A sense of humor can get one through a lack of common sense. Well I guess we have more in common than not...have a good year and rake in that ching ching.<p><br>

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