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Early Season Questions for Ontario People

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by danthegrassman, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. danthegrassman

    danthegrassman Member
    Messages: 31

    I have just three questions today. First welcome to all the Ontario, Canada fellow plowers who are slowly gearing up for the upcoming 04-05 plowing season. I am just about getting ready to put togather preliminary renewals for the new season but I have 3 key questions for anyone who can help me with.

    1. Last year I noticed a a few lots (not many) around me who put up signs to the effect of "Danger winter conditions may be present use of the walkways and lots at your own risk" basically to cover there own asses. I am thinking I might use it this year to add extra protection against lawsuits and make dangerous conditions known.My question is: How many of you fellow members use such sign or have seen them?

    2. In additon I got another good idea from a plowsite member (????) about putting in a damage waiver clause that each customer must sign. Something to the effect of "All plowing and/or salting performed and other similar work are performed with the express knowledge that we cannot guarantee that safe conditions will be present. Owner is responsible for all liablility claims". My question is how would be a good way to word it or does anyone have something like this they may want to share.

    3. Insurance, How has your insurance rates been from previous years? Has there been an increase in your premium if so how many percent was it. I would love to shop around for rates but I am having a hard time finding an insurance carrier to compare with (actually I havent found one yet). Does anyone know of any specific companies who I can compare my premiums with. Actually this question to me is the most important one.

    PM me if you wish or post a reply.

    Kind Regards, Dan