early morn quick fixes


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what are some of the last minute not so pro quick fixes has everyone done to get the truck out/continue plowing

broken rear brake line and i did not have vise grips w/ me but had a spark plug and wrench it fit exactly to the line hole at master cylinder!fixed for the morn

2. ground wire on mini spreader rusts through, this time i have the vise grips and ground it to bumper w/ vise grips this one actually worked for months,(tool was destroyed by corrosion)


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There is not enough room here to list them all,what I will say is, its good to have a roll of wire, a 12volt tester and, electric tape handy.Anything more can wait for another day.


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When we blew outa hydro line, back in the day of cable controlled belt driven hydro systems. I bolted a winch onto the Fisher yellow triangle, and used the winch to lower and raise the plow, and could still use the angle functions of the pump. The hydro line blew before the truck left the shop.

To this day we still have a winch in the shop for this reason. When you think about it, if you blow something that causes the plow to lift, you got big problems. How are you going to get back to the shop? 5 miles away isn't bad but when you got to drive 5 miles with the blade down, it seams to never end.



I always carry a small chain with me to hold the blade up if it will not raise on it's own in a break down. Also I carry a high lift jack in truck, greatest tool ever made. It will lift, bend, stretch, push, pull.

I also carry a Ramsey 8,000lb winch that fits into the trailer hitch.

I have a tool box in each truck with electrical, tape, duct tape, wire, fuses, open wrenchs, socket set, hammer, screw drivers, alen wrenchs, rags, gloves, triangle reflectors, a flashlight strobe light deal, and a first aid kit. I also carry transmision fluid, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, and motor oil. I also take along a self contained battery booster that will aslo work the cell phone if all is dead.


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hav'ent driven 5 miles back but have driven 1 mile back with no lift on the plow, laughed a bit on the way

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My brother was plowing, and when he came to the end of a push, the plow wouldn't raise. He got out and looked, and the Meyer E-60 motor fell off the pump and was hanging by the wires. Seems the motor mounting screws were fine, but the holes in the mounting plate were stripped. He put a tie down strap around the motor to hold it to the pump, and plowed for 2 storms that way. Then he replaced the screws with threaded rod and nuts. The rod was able to grab threads since it went in deeper than the screws. That finished out the season. This year, he replaced the motor mounting plate.

He was glad he replaced the pump mounting plate for another reason. When he removed the old one, he was looking at the pump impeller and housing. It was loaded with black goo. Nice and clean now.



If you can't raise your plow, use a jack to raise it up, then hook your chain on the lift arm, and lower the jack. Beats scraping all the way home. Of course, you will need a jack to get the plow back down.


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Reverese shot!

I went the cheap route once with my 79 Ford 1 Ton dump. I had a buddy test his newly learned trade out and rebuild my tranny. Everything was great.....for a week, but than one night after grabbing some stuff at home depot I picked the plow up and couldn't go forward!! I had to back up 8 miles to my house, with a 8' blade on no less. Its a good thing my truck was lit up like a space ship, I guess with all my flashers, running lights and strobes, the one cop I passed thought I was doing some kind of work!!

Another time, same POS truck, the chain holding my plow up blew a link, so no problem, jacked it up and chained it up. Good to go right, nahh! About 1.5 miles from the garage another link broke ( why can't I have this luck with the lotto??) So I was so pissed I just let the sparks fly and laughed for the rest of the way to the shop!


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Re: Reverese shot!

One night my rear drive shaft u-joint snaped. of course
no local auto parts store had one in stock.

Another night the plow fell off my truck .
I had the origonal style plow pins from meyer.
the pin clips fall out.If anyone has a set
i would through them out.The clip doesn't
go through the pin it goes around the pin.

was not a good nite.


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If the plow won't lift, broke a line, out of fluid etc. and it's not the frist strom just drive in the snow bank where you were stacking, the plow will lift, get out and hook the safety chain up tight and back out. It will get you back to the shop. You can also pop the plow up over a curb and hook up the safety chain, it's better then plowing all the way back to the shop. Better still I always carry a spare hose, tools and extra fluid in the truck, down time is for sunny days!


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