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E61h lagging lift, one button full drop, but left and right very fast

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by JeepCoMJ, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. JeepCoMJ

    JeepCoMJ Senior Member
    Messages: 284

    Didn't like my 58h, so I built a 61h from spare parts. It is factory perfect, better than new.

    Worked great, but found that I had one less perfect e60 base than necessary for customers, so I built another 61h using a 60 base that had one stud ripped out. Just drilled and tapped deeper, sealed accordingly. No problems...or so I thought.

    Everything is assembled correctly. It is fast, and there are zero issues with coils or controller.

    To lift, there is a lag when the motor is running and nothing happens. To drop, one touch on a non double click controller will put it to the ground, and it takes longer to get up to fire than it does to hit the ground. Obviously I have my drop speed set as fast as possible.

    This is on a drive pro 6'8"

    I think it is a sticky a valve, b valve, or a/b check valve. Just wanted your opinions.
  2. Fourtrax250R

    Fourtrax250R Senior Member
    Messages: 109

    Jeep..... When you built your 61...did you install an a valve plug in the a valve port in the 60 sump base.... and completely remove the original drop speed adj. Screw in the base? I have several 61's in the field and they are outstanding..... only seen one "new" style valve go bad..... an A valve on an E58H that was an early 05 unit.... so it was 9 years old... on one of my drive pros (dpe7.6) running a 61 and love the extra lift. Also on the drive pro units use the rear hole on the lift arm for the lift ram, much better lift speed as well as drop speed...Thumbs Up
  3. JeepCoMJ

    JeepCoMJ Senior Member
    Messages: 284

    Yes, I installed the proper plug in the old a valve spot, and removed the old drop adjuster.

    I'm using the rear hole as well, and also removed the kickstand and cut off the kickstand mount so I could fit the 61 mounted appropriately.

    I build meyer pumps for a living. The valve block on this one is built with...let's say, secondhand...parts. It had so much corrosion that the p.o. Broke the crossover off on removal. I managed to get it out and workable enough to take a thicker o ring to seal the outer from allowing water back in.

    The base was broken, built it with some custom stud work from the last yahoo who had it removing his stacking stops and smacking the lift arm with the blade, ripping the studs clean out.

    The motor on it was smacked hard enough that it ripped a post off, and the p.o. Tried powering it which caused the brush holder to melt, which I obviously replaced, along with some used brushes from several different motors lol.

    The pump itself had a fairly worn key way that I actually welded back on and shaped back.

    The valves are take outs from several other valve blocks, they were the ones In the worst physical shape, from coils corroding on them.

    This is literally as scabbed together pump. That said, none of it is low quality work, we have done over 400 pumps this season and have only 2 warranty issues...the first two of the season, both of which were when I still installed crossover Orings the chuck smith method, so both of them were pinched Orings.

    Im convinced that it is the ab check or the a valve.

    If you hit the drop button, it goes straight to the ground, and takes a second to recoup if you immediately press up after touching down.
  4. Fourtrax250R

    Fourtrax250R Senior Member
    Messages: 109

    I agree.....has to be the a/b check valve... maybe sticky a-valve. Swap them out.. I would def. Be interested in the results.. As I never had this issue with my equipment or others I've serviced/installed on 61/58 blocks. By the way have you modified the lift arm yet on the DP to gain down travel? Only down side to running the rear hole on the lift arm is that back of lift arm hits t he upper lift frame before lift ram is fully down... it's nice to have that extra inch or two ram travel when there's a deep dip in the roadway/driveway so plow can follow contour of driveway, etc...
  5. JeepCoMJ

    JeepCoMJ Senior Member
    Messages: 284

    Nah, I leave the arm alone. It suits my needs.