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Looking for some help on an E60. Bought the pump last week. Got it home drained the fluid out of it checked the screens and refilled it. I put it on to make sure every thing worked which it did. I used it for a little while and gradually the pump would struggle to lift the blade all the way up. If i let off of it and then tried again it would eventually get to the top or if I went into a pile it would fully lift. I believe the main seal went out around the piston because I had it slightly over filled. I put a new cap with seal and wiper on last night. Today I put the pump on to test it again to make sure there were no leaks. Now it will only lift the plow off the ground about 4 inches or so and will only angle to the left. Before, it had no issues angling to either side. Im new to these pumps and a bit confused as to what would have happened.
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