E47 To E57 Convertion Kit


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Stopped by my plow dealer yesterday and saw a pump an motor kit to upgrade a Meyer E47 to an E57. I was told Meyer is dropping the E47 unit. Has anyone put this upgrade motor and pump on an E47??? I was quoted $300 for the kit, is it worth buying??? ED


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the e57 looks just like the e47 except it has an e60 elec. motor on it...

i saw a pic when i was looking at meyers systems...i had an e60 and i believe a big problem was water in the motors, and bad grounds...had a motor actually freeze up and when i took it apart it was about half full of water....

i believe that the e47 is much more reliable but it is slow, but since the motor is on-end any water or condensation would run down the case and not affect the motor

salesman said he didn't know why they changed the style, i told him what happened to me, and dispite the fact that the new e60 motors now have a spot for an additional ground, and a weep hole for water, he said the old motors have NO problems....

i think this pump will be better, and if your looking for speed then convert the e47, otherwise since a rebuilt e60 motor is (i think) about 180, the conversion price seems fair, you would prob pay over $1000 for an e57 new...

western motors are on end, i know cause i'm lookin at one:D

but i think this is an improvement for meyer...i would get a cover too...pain in the arse to take off, but at least those solenoids will stay dry....

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