E47 Meyer Plow problem... HELP

I am having trouble with my E47 plow setup. The plow will go Up, down, left and right.... but will not float down, I have to hold the button down then release once it hits the road. Second, as I angle right, every so often it gets stuck and struggles right.... then it goes.... after clicking the right button several times.... I replaced the GREEN soloneid on the top and replaced all fitings hose fitings as well. My mechanic at my yard says the pump/valve box all seals need to be re-built. Is he right??? its a lot of work for nothing... if thats not the problem. again.. oce in a while it struggles to angle right.... but after clicking the button a few times... it goes. what you's think??? all new seals??? or is it sonething else??? thanks


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Glenview, Ill.
Meyer Controllers

Sounds like you are using a touch pad unit. May be time for another one. If I can find the name of the company again that reworks them I pass it along to you. I wouldn't rework your power unit until your sure the controller is in good operating condition, try operating your plow with a know good controller or switch box first. John