E47 Draws too much

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by bb66chevelle, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Hey guys!
    I have a E47 Meyer pump. It works in all positions. I recently replaced the A valve, packing cup, motor, and fluid.
    Even with the new motor, the E47 seems to draw way too much power. My truck lights go completely off when operating the pump left, right, or up. It has always done that, but seems to be worse. The alternator and battery in my truck are only 2 years old. Does this sound like a problem on the truck end or on the pump end.
    Also, I am looking at an E60, will this draw less power and better handle a 8' blade?
    Any info would be great.
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    Do some simple tests. Take rpm's on your truck up to 2000 or more and retest. Next jumper cable another vehicle to yours and leave throttle alone, retest. Third test, take rpm's up to 2000 or more on both vehicles and retest. Post the results.

    Have you metered the voltage on the pump motor at all. If voltage drops due to a bad ground or bad + connection, current is going to spike big time as well. This is going to have an effect on your vehicles electrical system, it so happens that we can see the problems with the lighting circuits, sometimes we hear the problems in the stereo but there may also be a whole world of problems that you cannot see or hear that is also underway in the electrical system.

    My bet is that the alternator is just too small for the task it is being asked to do. A stock alternator was designed to operate the vehicle with a small amount of excess current to store in the battery. Meter the battery on your vehicle as well, leave the plow alone for this test. Meter it with the vehicle idling, then again at 2000 or more rpm's. Lets see if your alternator is providing a charge at all.
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    Hi Rob and thanks for the reply!

    I went out to mess with it a little bit. Turns out that my battery is older then I though, but still only 4 years old. I bought a new one and am going to throw it in, but first I have to run to the local junk yard for a battery tray. Mine is rusted and has seen better days. Also, the large wire goinging into the back of the alternator has about an inch of insulation missing and was green and nasty looking. I cut it back several inches to solid wire and re-soldered a new connoctor on it. Also, the plug with 2 wires going into the alternator looks pretty beat, so i replaced that as well.
    I dont know if this is the problem or not, but when I get it all buttoned up, I'll perform your tests and post results.