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E Mail Addresses

Chuck Smith

2000 Club Member
I know some of you don't want to be bothered with e mails from people on this forum. I just thought I could point out a few things. First of all, sometimes there are things we would like to discuss with other members via e mail. By not accepting mail through Lawnsite, we can't communicate with each other one on one. There was many times I myself would have liked to mail members about a particular issue, and couldn't.

If you DO opt to allow mail from lawnsite members, in your profile, your E Mail address <B>WILL NOT</B> be displayed in your profile. No one's is. It's sent through Lawnsite, and your address stays secret, unless you reply to the e mail you receive from a Lawnsite member. Then that member will know your address, and only that member.

Just an FYI



Junior Member
Speaking of emails did you get mine from 1230pm, 10-31-00?

Just wondering, have not heard from you.