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First, I'd like to say great site! I have just registered, but I have been reading the posts here for a few weeks, and have picked up alot of info. This is my first year with my own truck, and I' am as a sub for my uncle. I have a 93' F-250 with a Meyers 7.5' blade and the E-47 pump. My question is can I increase the drop speed of the blede at all. I tried a search and only found info on the E-60 drop speed, and could not find anything on Chucks Chevy page either.



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Having previously asked Chuck I can tell you that there is no drop speed adjustment on the e47. My brother has an e47 on his Jeep with a 6.5 Meyer and it drops real fast. I would think with a bigger plow it would drop faster. Just my thinking but there may be an internal problem causing slow drop speed.

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CT is correct no adjustment,but... make sure you are using meyer fluid or equivelent,(NO ATF).

Also,depending on how old your meyer is,they switched the dropped valve to a 5/8 stem (and matching coil), which has slightly larger holes to allow oil to flow back to res. tank and is a stronger valve/coil assembly. FYI on the meyer e-60 they got smart and it is now adjustable.

Good luck, PT.

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