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I'm looking at a 2002 Durmax for pulling a four horse goose neck. So yeap she'll be a dully. Would also like to use the same vechical for light snow removal. Dealers are telling me that Chevy won't sell me the snowplow setup option, based on the electrical needs of the truck itself and now the addional amps to drive a plow.

So how bout guys... what's the real word from user as to the pro's and con's of putting a plow on a vechical that doesn't have the factory option. PS I'm pricing them load with every other option avail. Cause pulling down the road in a Duramax is the only way to go. Besides the little misses says it the only one quite enough for her to drive.

Not that we've needed much plowing round here in the NE.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


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Electrical needs of the truck?

You need to find a more experiensed dealer. That is a BS story. What cab configuation do you want? Reg, Ext, or crew? On 3500's the plow prep pack is only avaliable on a reg cab like my truck. My is a Duramax-Allison dually with plow pack. Ext, and crew cab do not have the option. It all comes down to weight on the front axle. Ext. and crew will have more front axle weight than the factory says it rated for with a plow on. There are lots of ext. and crew cab 3500's with plows. The only thing you gain with the plow pack is a button for a beacon and a hole in the firewall (with grommet) and a 130amp alt. vs a 105. All Duramax's with Allisons have tranny coolers and the same torsion bar on the IFS. If you want a plow pack on an ext. cab you have to get a 2500HD short box. Thats all I can say. The Duramax plow snow excellent.

John DiMartino

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OK,here's my opinion.If it were my truck,and i needed it to plow,id put a light weight plow,like a 9"snow-way on it,I dont think the 3500 would have any trouble with the sno-way at all.As for electrical,id swap out the 105 for a 130,or buy the dual alternator brackets,and put the setup on it,there are a few guys on the 62-65 diesel page that have done it successfully.By light snow removal,do you mean your own house/driveway?if so ,save the 4000 from the plow,and buy an old beater pickup that probably isnt road legal,but plenty good for a lot truck,for 1-2K,with a plow,use it at your house,and park it,when your done.I cant see it being worth putting a plow on that 40K truck,unless you used it,commericially,and had a big account run.Keepo in mind,by plowing with it you could jeapordize your warranty,which may be a problem down the road.Remember ,the plow will hurt resale,and adds wear and tear,add that with the cost of the plow itself,and your time to mount,dismount,and clean,maintain that may exceed the money you saved by plowing your own driveway in thefirst place,so if thats the case,consider a lot truck,or hiring a local Pro to do the job.Good luck,and you picked a nice truck.

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