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not being into diesels too much, but wanting to learn everything i can when it comes to cars, i found that article to be very interesting..


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been looking at some prices on the new chevy w/duramax. Saw one down in florida, a 3/4 ton, 4x4, extended cab, and the guy was asking 45k for the truck with the new engine. OUCH.

I hope this is not reflective of what this new engine is going to run, as I will have to pass, no matter how good it is.

diesel motors are starting to scare me these days. A few years ago, the price of diesel was always less than regular, and the savings was substantial at the pump. For the last couple of years, diesel prices are SOARING. Summer, the price is 10 cents higher/gal than regular, and winter, who knows, seen it jump up to 50 cents + more than regular. I am seriously wondering anymore if a diesel is economical. Between the intitial cost of 4k (or maybe 8k for the duramax) over a gas, you have to wonder if diesels are worth it anymore. Plus, considering the bigger gas engines are getting better and better mileage, you really have to think it over. Even if you have to replace the gas motor later down the road, it seems like it still may be more economical to plan replacing it rather than shelling out all that money up front for the diesel.

I hope that chevy is designing the duramax as a work motor, and keeping prices in check. I fear that they are going to put a hefty tag on it just so all these yuppie, city folks who buy surburbans and dual wheel trucks for 'image' have something else to spend there stock market money on.


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Steve here is the issue with d max pricing.
The engine will run about 5K as an option, and then if you want the allison tranny, that will add about 2500 to the truck, all on top of the other options you are loading the truck with. The diesel will get 2x the mileage of the gas engine, so if fuel prices are= for gas and diesel, the break even mileage vs extra money for diesel option will be in the 75000K range. So if you plan to keep the truck longer than that, then you will benifit. Of course actual fuel prices will vary the outcome. I based this on 20 mpg for the diesel and 10 mpg for the gas, and pump price of 1.75 per gallon. That is about what we pay for fuel here in CT. That also reflects that i the summer diesel is a little less, and in the winter a little more. Right now they are with in $ .03 of each other.


The last time i checked, I think the option price for the Powerstroke and Cummins was over 5K over a gas engine. I might be wrong, but i think this is correct. As far as the Allison Tranny goes, it's not cheap but it would be worth it if it holds up and gives good service. Replacing an HD automatic will probably run you 3k or more.
I was at one of the local chevy dealers here in the area and they had 2 2001 HD 3/4 tons. Both were extended cab, one was long bed..the other short bed. They were pretty impressive looking, both cosmetically and mechanically. The frame is considerably larger than the previous generation truck's was. If any of you guys see one..look underneath the truck. Also, the salesman said the Diesel and the big block 8100 won't be on the lots till around Christmas or after the first of the year (at least here anyway). All the ones here in this area have the 6000 V8 with the 4L80-E automatic. The 6speed manual is standard with the diesel and the big block, and the Allison 5spd Auto is optional. They don't put the 4L80-E behind anything larger than the 6000 now.



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I have a customer who is a GM dealer. I asked him about the availability of the new 3/4 ton HDs. He said that dealerships are getting them in, but it is pretty much take what you get. You will not be able to choose one with all the options you want.

On the website they had a "build your own" which would give you a price. I did not check for the new HDs but they had it last year when i bought my Z71. http://www.chevrolet.com


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Maybe I'm putting my foot in my mouth here by saying this as I have done nothing but complain about chevy prices.

I went out looking for a new truck the other night and found some real nice 1 ton 2000 left overs with great incentives. Then.........I drove by a dealer, and there it was, a 2001 chevy 2500HD.

It was just very impressive. Who ever mentioned looking underneath is exactly right. The frame is just a monster, along with everything else. I lost my thought process, and before I knew it I was signing a purchase agreement and sure enough, have a chevy parked outside my house!

Drove to work today, where we have all chevy chevy 3/4 and 1 tons dumps, and the comparison between this truck and the old is just tremendous. The frame on our 98 3/4 ton looks like a toothpick compared to this truck.

Also, I will say that break feel is much improved. Too me, chevys have always had a soft, 'am I going to stop?' touch to them, especially after they get a few miles on them. Now, not being use to the new system, I find myself almost boucning off the windshield everytime a light turns red. The new 4 wheel discs are just leaps and bounds over the old system.

As for choice, yes, it is limited. I was lucky in that the truck was delivered about 6 hours before I got there. Perfect for what I wanted. Basically a stripped down contractors model, no frills. 4x4, 6.0 liter, trailering package, snow plow package, automatic, locking real differential, A.C. and 4.10 gears. Even in the right color. It is exactly what I would of ordered. They said they got 6 in, and I was the 4th person to buy one that day and they had deposits on the remaining 2 already. Was lucky because truck was basic, which most people aren't looking for.

The nice thing too is the transmission temp gage. Seems like something that has been needed for a long time, and its nice to be able to keep an eye on it (especially after reading the article on chucks pages about transmission maintenace). Also, the trailer set up package is perfect. Everything is all wired up, ready to go. Real goofy looking receiver that is almost part of the frame. They know include a wire harness that plugs right into the fuse box so that all you have to do is to put brake controller on is plug it in, crimp some wires together, and bam, done. I always have dreaded running wires all around.

Only real complaint I have is the seemingly ever increasing percentage of crappy plastic in the cab. Seems like If I hit my leg against the dash, the hole thing could crack. But, I guess that's just about for most trucks these days. Just wish they would make the interior as heavy duty as the rest of the truck.


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