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Has anyone see the new Dunkin Donuts commercial?
It starts with 3 guys standing with a cup of coffee, and looking up. They spot a flake falling, and shout here comes one. they then sprint to their respective trucks, which seem to be Osh Kosh Municipal Series with plows of the appropiate size. They hop in, place the the coffees in holders, shift into gear and drag race down the road side by side. Blades down, sparking all the way. The middle trucks gets there first, obliterating the flake of snow. Brakes are slammed, and he shouts, "I got it". the driver to his right yells, "there's another one" and off they go chasing after it. The announer comes on and says, some people like winter a little more than others. However you feel about winter, let Dunkin Donuts warm you up.

I was on the floor, it is an awesome commercial. My wife made reference that the drivers closely mirror myself and others on this forum. She may have a point.
Watch for it, it is the best.


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Reminds me of a cartoon from the local newspaper that I have hanging on the wall. The title is Winter 19971998. There is a snowflake falling in the middle of a field and charging in from the four corners there is a kid with a sled, a snowmobiler, a skier and the Ace Snowplowing Company plow truck. They're also yelling " "I got it!! I got it!!"


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Saw it tonight, was LMAO. My wife said the same thing. Hats off to Dunkin for that one!!!


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Like all good superbowl commercial they didn't reach ours tv here in canada.

But few years ago, still dunkin donuts made one here. It was two lazy union worker coming for coffee. Both drive a Mack with plow and VBox.

I'll try to get it from friend's sat. Or may be available trought the net. Tell you if i get it


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Wife and I saw it last night. Whicked funny. Wife turned to me and said "how did I get away from her long enough to do a commercial" ha ha. She said its just like me!


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Dino saw it last night it was funny,Wishing that i had one of those trucks in my garage.They looked like the perfect size truck to handle any size storm.Wish i could get a better look at them.

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I still haven't seen it yet. Although, from the description above, I can picture it. Sounds like everyone on this forum...


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