Dumb things you have done plowing

I used the search and didn't find any thing about dumb things people have done plowing

I was curious what dumb things you guys have done or seen plowing snow

I have done a few and will list later

I figured we could all use a few laughs...


SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
We got an ice storm last year that was one of the worst I'd seen in a long time. I pulled up to the dealership I work at around 4am. It was for all intensive purposes, an ice-rink. There was a van in the entrance who was stuck on the ice, sideways blocking the whole drive. He kept going back and forth but was unable to turn on the ice. I offered to help him, but he declined and kept going back and forth. When he finally moved far enough out of the way, I got on the gas a little too hard (got a little cocky since I had 4WD) and started into the parking lot. Well... there's a gate a little ways in from the road entrance. I hit the brakes, and the truck actually felt like it picked up speed. I'm sliding towards to gate, and the only thing I could think of to do was to drop the plow... which was angled. Plow hit the ground, shot me off to the left and into the curb... HARD!

I swear to this day, I think the guy in the van was laughing at me for the next hour it took him to get out of our parking lot. Needless to say... I don't let 4WD get the best of me too often, but this was one of those times.


mdb landscaping

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Glastonbury, CT
i havent been plowing too long. last year was my first actual year plowing so i dont have too much to say, but i have witnessed some dumb things. i saw one guy shoveling an s-10 with a western plow that some how he got on top of a snow pile at the end of the parking lot. he mustve been going to fast and kept going. i did one dumb thing last year though. it was like 2 a.m. and i had been plowing since 5 pm. i was on my way home and took a corner way to fast and looped the truck right around. gently bounced off the curb and i went on my way. the plow guy behind me probably got a kick out of it.


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I think the dumbest thing I did last year when I started plowing - I was trying to get business. I drove around helping people plow out small areas like the end of a driveway or a mailbox. Then I'd tell them I was trying to get some plowing business. Did maybe five or six like that. Never got called, either by any of them or by anyone they'd referred. Waste of time, gas and wear on equipment.


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The dumbest thing I did plowing? Can't remember but several come to mind.

1. GMC 1500 with a 9' fisher plow
2. Not useing salt sooner than I did
3. Not stocking my own salt or sand for like 10 years
4. Taking a brand new F 350 out in a blizzard with no reverse lights.


Chuck Smith

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One comes to mind. We had a blizzard. It was still coming down, about 24" on the ground. I did this one residential driveway once, when therye was about 10" on the ground. I went back to clear it again. The road wasn't plowed, and I basically plowed my way up the long hill, and around the turn to the house. I did it with my plow fully raised, that's how deep the snow was on the road! I did a house on one side of the street, it was a driveway going uphill. SLight drift, and bare pavement at the top. I plowed right up it, no problem. There was a couple of small drifts near the garage doors, not bad. I then went down the road 2 houses on the other side of the street. The driveway was a downhill one. There was bare pavement at the top, about 2 feet worth. At the bottom, was also a big patch of bare pavement. All I had to do was break through the drift, and get to the bottom. After that initial run through, I knew I could plow it. The driveway down was maybe 25 feet long, then it flattened out. I had to try it. I put the truck in 4wd low, lined up, left he blade angled and raised..... Mistake! I made it about half way down, and got stuck. I had to climb out he window! Snow came over the blade. Snow was stuffed up under the hood. Twenty minutes with a coal shovel, and I was able to rock my way out. It took a good 15 minutes of rocking. I got the driveway plowed, and went onto my last one.

On the last push of my last one, I blew a left front U joint. I kept hammering to finish the lot. I ended up snapping the alxe shaft. Both halves. I got the lot done, and flatbedded to the shop.

Not such a bad sacrifice to finish all my accounts in a 30" blizzard.



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Chuck, I thought I was the only one with a similar experience. In 1961 my uncle gave me his brand new International scout, 4 cylinder, with 6ft western plow. The pride of the fleet and a plow list with 30 customers. This particular snowstorm had a lot of drifts which was unusal for Philadelphia but I was getting through the streets with the plow about 1/2 way up, occasionaly when you hit a drift the snow would land on the windshield and since it had vacum wipers all you had to do was overide them with the hand lever. Anyway I had to go down this street which was a hill. Clear at the top and bottom of the hill with what look like a little snow in the middle. I procede down the hill at about 40 MPH. Suddenly the plow goes up in the air, snow on the windshield, all three of us against the dash(middle guy gets impaled on stick shift)crashing sound, and truck stalls out. Now we are sitting there at 3AM with What the Hell looks on our faces. Truck won't start, so I move the windshield wiper and see nothing but more snow. Okay lets get out and see whats going on . Doors won't open because snow is packed against them. I think we sat there 20 minutes before we realized we could slide the window back and tunnel our way out. We were tunneling our way out when we heard this thump and a racing engine and tire chains. Suddlenly we were being pushed, shoved, gagged(everything you could imagined being in a avalanche). It was the township road grader with a 12 ft v plow on it, who was sent out to find the missing two trucks of theirs. Turns out this drift was 23 ft deep by 100ft wide. I had run into the back of one the township plow trucks, who had run into another township plow, who had run into another plower, who ran into a car. Township paid for all the repairs but my uncle never let me forget how I ruined the only thing that he bought new up until that time. Grader operator now teaches the PennDOT winter maintence course in his retirement Topic of his discussion is that you find the funnest things in snow drifts.
20 years ago when I was using my first Meyer plow (it was also my last Meyer plow), the hoist calved again. The hoist was in the shop, and the shop was backed up.

I got the bright idea to use a load binder/bear trap to lift the plow that 3-4" needed to use it while the pump was (again) being repaired. I got a sore arm, almost got whacked by the handle and almost cut my left toes off when the handle slipped, my foot slipped and the blade came down fast. I sure must have been a sight to my customers.

Solved that problem with a "For Sale" sign.


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NOT plowing with the storm once.............................. "Oh, it won't be that bad by morning.................."

Drifted in so bad I had to have help just getting out of the parking lot............... :(

Won't make THAT mistake again! (That doesn't mean I haven't made others, of course) :rolleyes:


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Same 30" inch storm Chuck was talking about in 96.

We had a bank property that was downtown and knew wed have a hell of time getting into it and then back out because the city had given up at this point. This bank consisted of a 5 space lot, drivethru and those big city block walks that are 12 feet wide going down two sides of the building.

After most of the other properties are done we go as a team to tackle this lot. Couple of cars there which didnt help but were able to start plowing.

Well the guy with decides it will be much easier to plow the sidewalks then to have our shovelers try to shovel it. Cant say I didnt disagree but in hindsight not the best idea. Has two thirds of it done then it happens. He backs up and water is shooting three feet out of the side of the building. He clipped the hose bib right off the side of the building and water is gushing out onto the walk, down the street and rolling down hill. Im just picturing the lawsuits in my mind, while I bang on the door of the bank hopeing beyond hope that someone is still in there at midnight. Plan B consisted of having my guy stick his thumb in it until morning.

Unbelievably, the guard who got snowed in because it hadnt been plowed was still in there and we were able to clamor down into the basement of this bank to turn of the line.

Ive known since that day that Im blessed above.


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Albany NY
Last winter, the last big storm, about 12' of snow was on the ground at around 3 am, I was plowing a usual parking lot, the drifts had made the snow even with the snow banks hiding the curbs and an island, I started plowing regreting taking a nap bnefore hand. I have the driveway and about a 1/4 of the lot clean but I'm running out of room to put the snow, but the stack was new so there wasn't a pile of ice behhind it. I get the great idea if I hit the stack with the plow about half way up I can just move the whole pile back. Real dumb Idea!!(I didn't know the pile was about 15' away from the curb, I thought I was a lot closer) I put the blade straight, raise it about 6" and get a running start down the driveway, I hit the pile at about 15 mph, felt the front end dive down at first so since I was pushing snow I got on the gas, only to hear the plow fling up and hit the stops a split second later. Never the less my truck propelled up into and almost over the snow bank. I couldn't angle the blade, it was raised to the stops, so I couldn't lift it and the truck wouldn't move an inch. I had to push real hard to manage to get the door open enough to get out, then steped out the door and fell into over 2' of snow. My partner was snowblowing the sidewalks and all but fell down laughing. There was snow up to the grill between the plow and the truck, all 4 tires off the ground. We spent about 20 minuites diging around the plow and the truck. Then my partner jumped up into the snowbank and managed to rock the truck by pushing on the plow. When we finally got it out There was a path about 25' long of hard packed snow that you could actually walk on w/o puting foot prints in it. It looked like a ramp for a motorcycle jump or something. The truck packed down the snow so much I had a hard time plowing it up again. That's about the dumbest thing I've done so far. After this winter I'll probably have a better one.


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Probably plowing less than 24hrs after getting my shoulder operated on.

It was last winter when we got hammered in December. The Southern Ontario, Western New York guys will remember December I'm sure. Anyway, after dislocating my shoulder (again) skiing, I decided I should get it 'scoped'. Sure enough we're hit with a major storm the day I get it done.

Spent the worst night of my plowing life leaning out my door window puking while trying to plow a foot of snow one-armed. I actually HAD to go home to bed for a couple hours by early morning since I was in such rough shape. Like a trooper, I was back out after a short nap but I'm pretty sure that the doctor's orders of "keep it immobilized for 6 weeks" did not include snowplowing!

It was impossible to keep it TOTALLY immobile while plowing, and I'm pretty sure I didn't help it by blowing it out a few weeks later...skiing again! I though the doctor was going to punch me when I told him.

I'm scheduled for a CAT scan on the shoulder in a couple weeks. Might need to go back under the knife.

Anyhow, if you've just had surgery - don't go out plowing!


I was out plowing with my girl friend and was getting real lazy and cockey hadn't broke any thing yet

got to a house with a big snow drift by the garage she couldn't shovle it so i drove the truck up close to the garage. The truck strated to climb the mound of snow. We were getting close with her guidence suddenly the mound of snow gave out and bang the corner of the plow punched a hole in the garage. Aw $3!^ I put a hole in the garage door.

Another time I was plowing a parking lot that should not have any cars on it and a guy pulls in and parks, gets out of his car and starts walking to the resturaunt next door. So I drive over to him and tell him not to park there and move his car now. He keeps going and flips me off. So what do I do I decide to plow his car in. Got the hole car plowed in and was putting the finishing touches on it when a window breaks. Well any ways he comes back out later and sees broken window and call the cops. Didn't even care I had plowed his car in. The cops arive just when I get back to check on lot after spreading salt. Officer waves me over to ask some questions. Like why did you plow his car in. And I tell him he is trespassing and should not be parking here and I told him to move his car and I did it because he flipped me off. Officer was getting pissed and so was the guy. I then told both of them that I was not responcable for any of the damage and the guy started to kick my truck. he put a dent in the door and the officer didn't try to stop him so I got out and proceded to beat him up then the cop tries to stop and MR. COP got hit by the guy and then they decide to arrest both of us for destubing the peace
Got to the station and started dropping name and they took me back to truck after I filed a report and the other guy spent the rest of the day in jail till someone could get there to bail him out

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I think the "dumbest" thing about that one was having your girlfriend outside shovelling! I'm picturing my wife's response to me asking her to shovel for me. Not good.

Last winter my partner plowed in a couple of cars. One of our lots is a retail store beside a car dealership. The car guys like to park vehicles in the back of the retail lot. We told the store manager that they're right in the way of where we pile the snow and he said "just plow 'em in if they don't move 'em". OK.

So we did! Turns out that one of the cars wasn't from the dealership. It was some guy who claimed his car broke down and he had to push it into a spot and leave it overnight. That night it snowed and my partner plowed it in. He was careful not to push the snow up against the doors though. However, the guy actually calls us up while we're still plowing (guess he got the # off of the dealership?) and says his car was "dented". My partner calls him back and he's pissed, says he want to meet face-to-face and will "bring his brothers with him". Guess he wants to fight.

My dad and I and my brother-in-law are plowing on the other side of the city but tell my partner that we'll be in that area in another few hours if he wants a showdown. The store manager is on our side and is prepared to back us up (not physically of course!).

So I'm looking forward to this "face-to-face" but the guy calls back in an hour and leaves a message apoligizing for accusing us of damaging his car. Says the dealership guys saw the garbage truck clip his vehicle while trying to remove the dumpster it was alongside.

End of story.

P.S. We had a VERY late payer last winter. Got our money in June! It was a gas station and they'd left mid-season to run a station in the town next to us. Didn't bother settling up before leaving. Their new station is not open 24hrs and is in a quiet area that we drive right past to do a couple accounts in that town.

Some stormy night this winter at around 3:00am I'll be paying a quick visit to pile a little snow in front of their kiosk entrance. Hee Hee! I'll wait for a heavy, wet snowfall.



Just like the people who don't care if we are in their way because they think they own the road

We are out to clear their way and they just don't care

Peace LGF:cool:


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Well this is really stupid what happend to me.I plow this guys drive that has a slight pitch to it plus having a good size drop off on the edge of it.I just went in to make one more clean up pass and my truck slid off the edge of the pavement and i had to get my backhoe to come pull me out.The funny thing is earlier ther guy did the same thing in his care getting too close to the egd,you think i would learn from him.
dumb things

couple years ago I was plowinglate night early morning down a mountain road pushing ice and slush, making a curve theres a car on the side of the road with this guy bending over his open trunk getting somthing out of it(chains?) well i had a wall of water going at about 25/30 mph noway to stop in time let alone slow down enough,this wall of ice and slush blew that guy right inside the trunk of the car and filled it up instantly!not much i could do just keep on plowing.never heard a thing about it.Now i go alittle slower thru there plow truck paystar 5000 4x4 14' blade lol


New York
Dumbest Things

Number 1
Selling the plow two days before a 28" storm........
Number 2
A few of years ago I bought my first plow truck and we got hit with 14" of snow. A good friend of mind called and asked me to plow his double driveway at the end of a dead end road and promised four others on his street; being way to excited for the new found truck and money to be made I drove across three towns to get these customers.

When I arrived, I noticed that the town had not started to clear that road yet, so I dropped the blade and made a couple of passes down to get to his house at the end. Well, now I have to turn the truck around, no problem, a crazy three point turn into the snowbank I just created. I am backing up when BAM! Nothing in the street or mirrors, so I slowly pull forward and proceed to rip my rear bumper off on a fire hydrant! I hit so hard that I also bent the rear spring mount an inch!

Needless to say: I didn't get the other customers on the street after seeing my stupid move and the wife was extremely pissed for banging up the new truck and spending more than making to get it fixed.

Number 3
Going out to a new customer on a 24" storm "to clear the end of the driveway".....A loader had made one pass down the street making a 6' bank on either side clearing 9' wide on th road. This idiot had parked his two cars at the end of his driveway, now buried under the towns snowbank! It took me 15 minutes to rationally explain that there was no way in hell that I can move that much snow without hitting his cars or fence for the wonderfull price of $25 that my wife had given him......payup payup