duel battery setup on a ford???


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anyone have an idea on how to setup duel batteries on a f250.theres know room under the hood for another battery so im kind of stuck in figuring out how to do this.i know they make a kit for chevy but do they make one for ford????


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if they can fit a 7.3l diesel under the hood, i would think you could get duels setup w/ a gas engine.

at work we had a 97 350 w/ v-8 and there was alot of room left over. however my personal truck and a majority of our fleet are diesels so i guess i could visualize how to cram a battery in there somewhat easier.

what year is the truck? for a similar year truck have you seen one with a diesel? is it possible to go to your dealer and order the battery wiring harness for a diesel application. it would be a parrallel setup, but again, i'm sure you could order the components for the second battery if you spec'd a diesel engine at the dealership and everything should bolt in place.

the solenoids, master cylinder, power dist. box were all in the same spot on the 97's, only the diesel app. added the second pass. batt. and much more compartment space was taken up by the engine itself. so i don't think you would have much trouble adding a sec. battery.


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Ive run into similar issue on my F250 , Unless I want to spend stupid money on a new intake and washer resivoir / radiator overflow tank to get the batt in the stock position.... I made a bracket to mount it to the frame rail under the truck like most larger dumps have , or cab overs have them both mounted on the frame... Dont want it in the bed or dump body , so under the body it went....


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My work has a 99 E350 Diesel van,the second battery mounts on the passenger frame rail in a real nice metal box.I'm sure you can order it direct from your ford dealer.will probably suit your purpose very well.

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Check in the Ford truck discussion area there is a post on a nice dual battery setup for the Super Dutys using the factory parts for the Diesel for a drivers side mount. Little mod needed.

For the older trucks use the same idea on them. Trays are avail for bolt up application with only minor relocation of under hood acc.