Dropping the Oil Pan

This is sort of an offshoot of my thread about metal pieces in my oil pan. I knew it was the best way before I posted the other thread, and I don't want to dig myself into any more holes than I'm already in, so I'm going to drop the pan.

First, am I going to need to raise the engine? From underneath, it looks like I have LOTS of clearance to just take it right off. But if I do need to raise the engine, I'll be doing it from underneath with a floor jack. Where can I lift it? From the balancer?

Ok, let's say I have the pan off now...What do I look for? I mean, besides the odd bits of metal I'm taking it off to find. I'm sure I'll recognize that a bit of a problem exists if there are large pieces of metal in the pan, but are there other things to look for that indicate big problems?

Thanks a lot!



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No you dont need to lift engine.

No dont ever put a jack under the balancer.

Just get your metal out, punch out the dipstick tube from below, clean everything real nice, put gaskets on and intsall.

Thats it.

Dont start wiggling rods and worrying. When the engine goes, it goes. Just complete task at hand.

B.T.W. is your rear main seal or harmonic balancer seal leaking? Nows the time to do them. They are pretty tricky with crank in, but can be done.

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