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Driving with snow bear on.

Discussion in 'Snowbear Plows' started by thabyrdman, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. thabyrdman

    thabyrdman Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    Does anybody keep there plows on for extended periods of times....It says its not recommend. I had to drive it from my dads, home and that involved highway driving it seemed to do well besides my truck was running hotter then normal.
  2. sswt

    sswt Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    ive driven with mine on a few times down the highway.....30 miles and back or so....without any problems, but i dont run with the weight on the safety bar because the plow tilts so much from side to side with it like that

    i dont like leaving that weight on the winch because the bumps in the road put so much strain on the winch and strap.......im going to go and get a chain binder and either hook it up in the middle or use a smaller chain and just wrap it around the whole setup so the weight isnt on the winch

    as far as running hotter then normal.....my truck does ok with the plow on in really cold weather, but if the temp isnt really cold it does run warmer then id like; im going to invest in a second electric fan for my pickup and the problem will be solved
  3. Snowbear-Man

    Snowbear-Man Inactive
    Messages: 37

    The answer is to run the plow on an angle in warmer weather in cold weather running with a staight blade is ok. Best way to travel with the plow is to raise it all the way and strap the 2 A frames together with a ratchet strap and then let the pressure off the strap or chain and use the saftey . Running around with the weight on the winch will rip up the gears as the plow bounses around yanking on the strap or chain.

  4. thabyrdman

    thabyrdman Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    thanks for the tips yeah i drove to work today with it on i lowered it till all the weight was on the safety bar then angle it left. The truck didn't run hot at all. the only thing that bothers me now is the cross member strong enough at the welds to withstand bumps at 65mph?
  5. Tirioloservices

    Tirioloservices Member
    Messages: 64

    how do you strap the a frame? any pics or more detail?
  6. Snowbear-Man

    Snowbear-Man Inactive
    Messages: 37

    The more you have your plow on the more wear and tear you will place on you mount and crossmember. They are easy to take off and should only be on the vehicle when it is time to plow.

    The plow is better off in your garage then outside in the elements, the winch life is cut by at least 50% when the plow is left outside in the elements.


  7. snowfighter75

    snowfighter75 Senior Member
    Messages: 124

    snowbear-man hit the nail on the head. I have drivin mine around alot but its not good for anything in anyway. For the time it takes I'd drop it if ya don't need it.
  8. thabyrdman

    thabyrdman Junior Member
    Messages: 6

    Thanks for the input....Ill only put it on only when i need to use it....I dnot have a garage but i do have a carport I put a trash bag around the winch to keep the elements out.
  9. champlainl

    champlainl Member
    Messages: 65

    you would think snowbear would make a cover for the winch as some of the major plow companies do, I made my own and I leave my plow on and I drive around with it on my truck with no problems, not bashing just think the manufacturer would step and and meet the peoples demands and build better quality products.
  10. groundbreakers

    groundbreakers Senior Member
    Messages: 828

    yah well i talked to them the other day ... i dont like the strap for lifting .. mine broke the other day in my driveway .... and i usually travel with it .. the straps way to thin .. and they need regear the winch . to speed up the time it takes to raise the blade ... as far as covering the winch .. i use liquid electric tape in a can to cover up the connections at the winch
  11. Tirioloservices

    Tirioloservices Member
    Messages: 64

    i use a chain with 2 chackles to keep it up tight that bar they made is garbage lets the plow hang to low