driving into the plow


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I agree 100% with the payload in the bed of the truck being close to the same when you put the plow on and take it off. If you have air bags on the rear end ive found that to be the best workaround for that.

i think the other fellas are on the right track with the height adjustments. Good luck

Mark Oomkes

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Check out Harmless Farmer on YouTube.
I posted a link to a video, but it's not here. I didn't get a notification. I don't know why it wouldn't be ok.
Guys got no arms, still works on the farm. Mechanic,driving,all with his feet.
A real inspiration.
Andy Detwiler...used to be a member here. He also used to do plow installs by himself. He said the only thing he can't do is tie his shoes. I believe it.


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Your friend has one arm You sound like one those people who wear 8 mask's
Seriously... he only has one arm that is usable. The other one just hangs.

Got launched over the bars of a snowmobile when he was younger. Put his shoulder right into a tree and did not go to the hospital in a timely manor. Arm is dead.

The guy puts his ultramount on and off his truck all by himself with only one arm...

Not sure about the 8 mask thing or what that means.


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I know a paramedic that is missing alot of fingers, he has a fantastic sense of humour. When he shows up to work on people the look in their eyes is hilarious...
"Hey can you peel the back of this bandaid off for me.."
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