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one of my lawn mowing customers has asked me to plow his driveways.he has two that are 40 FT is 25L X 60 and the other is 20 X 50.i would have to do alot of back plowing cause they go right up to his house,but i have a hiniker C-PLOW so i don`t think its going to be to bad.i just wanna know what you guys would charge per pass for something like this.both driveways are flat i don`t have to go up hills or anything and the snow i push would have to go in front of each driveway.

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This has been hashed out over and over. What I charge in Milton, VT is not going to be what somebody charges in Burlington, VT, and not even close to what that same property goes for in CT.

Particularly in residential, there is somewhat of a "what the market will stand" approach to pricing. Commercial work is (I think) more often priced by knowing your costs and what you need to earn per equipment hour and being able to estimate the time that will be required.

The other component is dependant on the driver. I tend to be quite aggressive, another plow guy locally can best be described as an "old woman". if we both used the same hourly rates in our pricing he would be way high because of the time he takes. But because he's primarily residential he's working with the market ceiling limiting his prices.

Best I can offer is that, in my market, that is probably a $30 push at the most.

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I've got one that's about half the width of either of those - no backdragging - push straight, back up once, push again and leave it on site. $15.


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Ok Being that I am from CT, Your pricing should be between 40-60.00 for the two. If it was me I would be right in the middle at 50.00. What Alan said is right, geography plays more role in pricing than the size of the driveway.

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Be careful where you stack your snow!

I would have to agree with a price of $30 to #35 per push. I would also like to add, If you are stacking snow infront of the Driveway you might want to check with local code to see how far back from the road your local code laws are. Also keep in mind that if there is a accident trying to exit the driveway do to sight limited do to the snow banks you have built, They may be able to hold you responsible for the accident. Follow up if your local code inforcer and also a laywer and or your insurance carrier on this.That is how our laws read here in Upper Michigan.Be careful on where you stack snow.

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