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What does a driveway markers company do in summer? Well to be honest, mostly nothing, but! We do get quite a bit of "alternative" uses for our world famous snow stakes. Here is a list of some of our favorites.
  1. Golf Alignment Sticks - This is by far the most popular and actually a huge market…. I couldn't even tell you how they are actually used in golf, but I do know most golfers do use alignment sticks
  2. Garden Stakes - Actual garden stakes are super expensive and not as high quality as snow stakes… so, it's only natural to use a better quality lower prices driveway marker for your garden stakes, Right?
  3. Cat fishing Poles - Again… do i know anything about cat fishing? No, but I do know we are a staple in the cat fishing community
  4. The Archery World - No clue what Robin of Locksley would use a driveway marker for but I think it has to do with the bags that hold the arrows
  5. Play House Installation - Turns out fiberglass snow stakes are a better option for putting up toy tents than you would think, they are stronger and more flexible than the pieces that actually hold up toy tents
  6. The Fashion World - This is my favorite one, the stakes were used as a back drop for a VERY high profile fashion show in NYC, I've been sworn to secrecy and can't reveal which one, but everyone's heard of it

Not everyone is cut out for the snow stake life, we're an elite group and as you can see, we cross over into almost every industry.
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