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    Quick question: Recent install of the new wide out. Had the blade in several positions while driving. All the way up which blocks the LED plow lights, almost hitting the ground and just below the plow lights so I could see when driving before putting in the garage.

    I was amazed that the driver side bumper specifically was heated up to the point you could not touch it. Just looking for some fed back on anyone who has one from last year that used the newer wide out.

    Picture #3 lowest position is how I drove. Others are to show how they block the lights.



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    I'm confused so I'll ask the stupid question - the driver's side bumper heated up to the point of being hot to the touch from the reflection of the LED lights?
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    I think heated up from blocked airflow?
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    Thanks for the reply
    I agree with blocked airflow but one side of the bumper? I "assume" leave it down low as possible for exchange would be the answer, but that's why I was asking in case someone has a Ram and it happened to them.
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    Angling the plow vs keeping it straight while driving will allow more air to get into the grill. Try that to determine if lack of airflow is causing the hot bumper
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    The air intake is on the passenger side
    Swing the plow to the right and lower it a bit.

    The plow creates a low pressure bubble
    Drawing hot air from the radiator/ engine
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    Thank you all for the help!
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    Keep a eye on your eng./ trans. temp. gauges when driving 50-60 mph for at least 15 mins. Elevate the lights
    a little bit. Nice Plow ! :drinkup:
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