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Driver & Truck Available - MM2 Blade Needed Boston - MA

Discussion in 'Employment' started by NSM, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. NSM

    NSM Junior Member
    Messages: 20

    Experienced Driver with 2012 Dodge 3500 Diesel available.

    My blade was stolen last night. I had a 8' MM2. If needed, contact n.s.morel@gmail.com

    I'm sure this is an oddball listing but, figured I would throw it out there.

  2. mycirus

    mycirus Senior Member
    from Mass
    Messages: 589

    That sucks. When you need it most some lowlife takes it. I wish you the best of luck.
  3. NSM

    NSM Junior Member
    Messages: 20

    Thanks. Contacted insurance co. Tried to get some kind of advance from them so that I could go and pick up a blade today, as many of the shops around me have them available but, I won't see anything until the end of the month!
  4. unhcp

    unhcp PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,267

    Please contact me, I would like to talk to you
  5. ayyaaron978

    ayyaaron978 Junior Member
    from Boston
    Messages: 4

    I am looking for some snow plow contracts for next season, Hopefully commerical since it will be my first year snow plowing,

    looking forward to hear from somebody

    Thanks, Aaron.
  6. The Natural Landscape

    The Natural Landscape Sponsor
    Messages: 215

    sub work

    Our company is The Natural Landscape and we would like to hire you for this snow season. Give us a call @ 774-244-1062. Brian