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I was reading the post about overtime, and it got me thinking. What are some of the average hourly wages that you might expect to pay out for quality, reliable snowplowing drives, with your equipment. I pay out time and a half for all snowplowing in my trucks (which is about $14 - $20 PER HOUR DEPENDING ON EMPLOYEE). I also give a 20% bonus to all drivers monthy if no work is missed for snowplowing. For sidewalk detail, I pay 2 1/2 times regular pay with 20% bonus. For subcontractors with own insurance I pay $35- $50 depending on experience. This has worked well so far (3 years and still perfecting).
But I have competitors that are paying as little as $10 per hour in the middle of the night, then they wonder why they lose contracts because they were not done in a timely fasion because no one showed up to work at 2 a.m.
Am I overpayinf to secure good workers, or am I just a employer with a "share the pie attitude"
I charge $115 a truck hour(but do not charge by the hour, only per push and contracts) to estimate a job. We use new trucks and boss v plows. I know of people only getting 55 a truck hour which i do not even see worth the time. My overhead one one truck is $8500 per season / 10 plows average/ 9 hour route= $94 per hour truck hour. Why lose money?? Any comments please.

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For me it's a little different.

All my drivers are year round employees. Some are salery and others are hourly. Now i provide 40 hours of work min year round. So in the winter when it snows some of that 40 hours comes from plowing. Now the my post about work hours was more a long the lines of saftey than pay. However on weeks where it snowed friday nigh in to saturday morning, and we plowed all night long. Some guys worked their regualr 40 hours, and a few had almost 40 hours of overtime because of the snow. Note that snow duty is manaditory for all employees.


Salery people recieve a hourly bonus ( for snow duty) per storm for plowing after their 40 hours.

Regular employees with hourly pay recieve the overtime pay plus an adition 2-10 an hour for snow duty.

I don't have a guy making less than 13 dollars an hour
Ok i have a few part time/ student employees

They are generally shovelers Pay varries

If they ride with a plow driver, generally this occurs on residential drives, they make $ 10.00 and hour. These guys may be on the clock for 12 hours, but i bet they don't work 12.

Shovel Crews

Non stop shoveling, only sitting times are breaks and between jobs. 11-15 dollars an hour, 15 for the crew leader, ie driver.


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"For subcontractors with own insurance I pay $35- $50 "


Where are you located to find subs willing to work for so little? how dependable are they? Dont want to sound like a smartypants but I can plow for the local towns with my 3/4 ton pickup for $70/hr and up, if I choose, and have no one to really answer to.


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This also is an amount that varies according to the part of the country you live in. Most of my guy make from $13 to $15 per hour and my full time guys do make a little more around 18 plus their time an a half.Now I am very flexable w/the part time guys scheduales which allows the to make extra money an still make it to work or school. I don't hire any of my snow out,I have just had real bad luck with at,but when I did it was around $35 per hour.


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We're going to need to hire some guys for snow blowing/shoveling and plowing. If we can find any good people, we're thinking about paying them a higher wage plus a bonus for their work. Our problem is that we can't give them 40 hrs per week, just work when it snows. Any thoughts from anyone about finding help for a situation like this and keeping good people happy??

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