drive shafts


I'm looking at going to a longer drive shaft to get rid of center support bearing probs,anyone know of any sites i can check out for this? appreciate any info

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Just keep in mind that when you put a longer shaft on it,it needs to br alrger in diameter,also,to be as strong s the 2 piece shaft.So if you have a 3.5" shaft now,you will need a 4.5 or 5 inch shaft when you add a couple of feet to it.this makes it very heavy.if you dont make it thicker/larger you will twist is like a pretzel if you pull hard with it in 4 lo,with weight in the back,and with good traction.

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What sort of problems are you having with the center support bearing? My C-35 has the 131.5" wheelbase and I haven't had any problems with mine. Truck weighs in at around 8,000 lbs + and I sometimes forget it's "just" a 1-ton, so that setup should be strong enough for your application.

If your truck is "eating" the center support bearing(s), it may be an indication of other driveline-related problems such as a driveshaft out of balance. I'd suggest checking that area out first: May not have to spend $$$ on driveshaft rework after all. :)
I agree with Rob/75. There's no need to get rid of the centre support, and in fact, one of the reasons it's there is to keep the U-joint angles to a minimum. With a long shaft, you'll probably be replacing U-joints much more frequently.

A longer shaft is also going to be much more susceptable to imbalance. It wouldn't have to be off by much before the rear of the truck is hopping all over the place, rattling your teeth out of your head.

So, to put it simply, it CAN be done, but the question is, WHY?



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CJ, is your truck lifted by any chance? I can see that causing you a problem if you've changed the rear driveshaft angle. If that's the case, you'd need to put an extension on the bearig's support bracket to restore the angles closer to original.

GM put that bearing there for a reason, and it cost them additional money. You know it wouldn't be there if not needed, I'd try to find the source of your problem.

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thanx dudes,was just looking for pros and cons,looks like the pros win :) and by the way,i had to end up having a machine shop remove this "BEAR" of a bearing, 20bucks off and new one on,wont be wasting my time on this again!And this is for rob,not eating bearings,just rubber mount was shot,which is why i was wanting to know if there were such thing as poly mounts,or just going to longer shaft,which you guys have answered so thanx